Missed the Webinar on Evaluating Tumor Immune Microenvironment? Full Recording Available On-demand

November 25 10:50 2020
On November 18, 2020, Creative Biolabs had invited Dr. Bruno Paiva to co-host a live webinar on New Ways of Evaluating the Tumor Immune Microenvironment: From Bench to Bedside. And now the full webinar recording is available for everyone to watch freely.

New York, USA – November 25, 2020 – In the past few years, immunotherapeutic antibodies have revolutionized the treatment of cancer, showing excellent tolerance and a significant increase in long-term survival. Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) have the potential to improve clinical efficacy and safety, and can be regarded as the next generation of immunotherapy.

In recent years, many bsAb-based immunotherapies are studied in clinical and preclinical development. However, to perform immunotherapy precisely, other factors, such as greater availability of immune targets and compounds with different modes of action during the development of new biomarkers, and determinants of response and resistance to a specific regimen, should also be considered comprehensively.

Therefore, Creative Biolabs invited Dr. Bruno Paiva, the lead investigator for studies of next-generation flow (NGF) and sequencing (NGS) from the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, to present his research on the live webinar New Ways of Evaluating the Tumor Immune Microenvironment: From Bench to Bedside. The webinar is a great success with Dr. Bruno Paiva’s brilliant presentation as well as great questions from the audience. Those who missed the webinar or want to learn more about this topic can watch the webinar recording on Creative Biolabs’ official website.

“With accumulated experience of more than 10 years, we have been a recognized expert in bispecific antibody engineering and other bispecific antibody services. We are also glad to invite preeminent professionals to share their research with all people in a virtual way, which is also free to all,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

“In order to advance the communication in the field of biotechnology, and thus promote technological innovation, we will go on focusing on the latest research and technologies and hold free webinars for all people interested. You may subscribe to our newsletters or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news about the upcoming webinars.” As introduced by Bella Smith, the Business Development Executive.

More information about Creative Biolabs’ services and products as well as the webinar can be reached on https://www.creative-biolabs.com/bsab.

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