Samsung produces a new interactive Hologram display, WIMI MR Head Mounted Display accelerates the deployment of 5G communication services

December 04 05:22 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “Samsung produces a new interactive Hologram display, WIMI MR Head Mounted Display accelerates the deployment of 5G communication services”. Samsung has made a breakthrough in Hologram Display. Samsung’s scientists have invented an interactive, thin-panel Hologram display that can increase the viewing angle of 3D video by 30 times. Scientists have proposed an ultra-thin interactive Hologram display screen that can provide high-resolution, highly realistic 3D videos from multiple angles. It can be integrated into mobile devices in the future to support office or home applications.

The reason why this display screen is treated as revolutionary is that the existing Hologram display screen can only produce high-definition 3D images when it was viewed from the front. However, Samsung’s latest Hologram display screen can see high-definition 3D images from 30 viewing angles, which is a huge achievement.

In the current market, many technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, and Apple, have already entered the market. Moreover, they are actively competing in the augmented reality market and devoting themselves to the research and development of AR filed. This is enough to explain the importance of AR to the current market. Indeed, there is such a voice, the future will be the era of augmented reality.

As a leader in Hologram AR technology, WIMI has recently released a new product of mixed reality (“MR”) head-mounted displays, called “Hologram SoftLight Cinema”, to further expand the company’s Hologram product portfolio matrix.

The product has been greatly improved in image color management, docking equipment, and wearing experience, and it is scheduled to be officially launched at the end of this year. In terms of image color management, combined with a powerful image processing engine and cooperation with SONY, this product can show customers more transparent colors and more delicate picture quality. At the same time, the product supports the docking with drones and professional cameras, which is highly expandable. In addition, the new product uses far-focus imaging technology to relieve customers’ long-term short-distance eye fatigue and greatly optimizes the customer’s wearing experience.

WIMI is China’s leading Hologram cloud integrated technology solution provider. Through its strong technical capabilities and infrastructure, WIMI can provide excellent products and services, and it also can conduct business in an efficient manner. WIMI’s core business is Hologram AR technology for software engineering, media manufacturing services, as well as cloud and big data.

WIMI plans to continue to improve and strengthen existing technologies, maintain its industry leadership, and create an ecological business model. At present, WIMI’s Hologram face recognition technology and Hologram face change technology are being applied to the existing Hologram advertising and entertainment business. In the meantime, the technology is also being continuously upgraded to achieve breakthroughs in more industry fields. WIMI’s goal is to establish a business ecosystem based on the application of Hologram technology.

Compared with its domestic counterparts, WIMI has established a comprehensive Hologram AR content library. This content database covers a wide range of categories, including animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, and food. Among them, 2,961 are used for educational scenes, 851 are used for tourism, 739 are used for art and entertainment, and 103 are used for popular science. In addition, WIMI’s content library has been enriched with copyrighted content licensed from third parties. WIMI cooperates with various content owners, including brand owners, film producers, and talent agents, to transform high-quality IP into AR.

WIMI intends to continue to invest significant resources to strengthen its ability to develop Hologram AR content. WIMI is committed to enriching the Hologram content portfolio and providing its customers and end-users with a high-quality Hologram experience. WIMI plans to continue to expand the Hologram content library through various approaches.

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