Vision Automobile Proposes The First 100% French Hypercar – For A Local And Responsible Mode

December 04 05:27 2020

Paris – VISION Automobiles Paris proudly wears the colors of France, and more specifically of French craftsmanship.

The young startup is giving back its letters of nobility to one of France’s major industries, which has made history with its innovations, its titles, and its technological revolutions through a revolutionary, responsible, and local project.

To do so, it can count on the support of some of the most talented local players in the country, who are already working on the design of the first model of the French brand, called 1789, as a tribute to the French Revolution. Quite a symbol!

The industrial partners have now been joined by French financial structures, who trust VISION Automobiles Paris, and are working on the recently announced first round of financing.


VISION Automobiles Paris can already count on the support of solid French financial partners, who are already committed to the company and show their confidence in it.

These major partners demonstrate the full potential of VISION Automobile Paris and its 100% French hypercar, which runs on biomethane.

The current negotiations could therefore enable VISION 1789 to take a major step forward and accelerate its development.


The VISION Automobiles Paris team started from an observation. Today, some of the world’s most emblematic manufacturers subcontract a very large part of their production to small entities, which never come out of anonymity. Concept cars, track-cars or mass-produced vehicles… We can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times these shadow actors have been credited.

VISION Automobiles Paris is committed to changing this mode of operation.

Who would we be without these talents?  It is high time to realize that a sports car is the culmination of thousands of hours of reflection, exchanges, and remarkable know-how on the part of craftsmen, designers, and engineers united by this inexplicable passion.

Driven by these values of transparency, solidarity and national pride, VISION Automobiles Paris honors the remarkable know-how of the various French trades, which contribute to the magic of the automobile, and does not hesitate to display their names in great style.

“These local players are the pride of France, and they largely deserve the credit for their immense talent. Many of our partners have trusted us from the beginning, and have been supporting us for 3 years now. If we’ve gotten where we are today, it’s largely thanks to them, and we want to let them know, and make them shine in our turn.” – Thomas Castex, President & Co-Founder, VISION Automobiles Paris


France has an exceptional network of companies and craftsmen with the know-how covering all the skills needed to develop and produce prestigious vehicles; from wood embroidery to the design of competition engines to the development of autonomous systems, it is definitely possible to produce an exceptional automobile in France.

The vocation of VISION Automobiles Paris to become a local project has always been an obvious one, and is now a fundamental value of the project, as well as a unifying element. Indeed, it seems that the young startup shares this pride, and this desire to showcase French talent, with many companies that have decided to join forces to enable 1789 to take to the road, from France.

French production is also synonymous with pride, quality, and homage. There was a time when French coachbuilders made the hexagon shine thanks to their incomparable work, today qualified as an art.

At that time, France was at the center of the automobile dream, notably thanks to the Delahaye or Facel Vega, which at the time honored national talent and contributed to the influence of France in terms of luxury and technicality. This era seems to be well and truly over, however, VISION Automobiles Paris is reinventing the French automobile and paying tribute to its history by becoming the first automobile haute couture house. This rapprochement with haute couture can be explained by the fact that motor racing is THE discipline where everything is conceived and thought out around and for the driver.

The “Paris” mention of the name VISION reinforces this vocation by echoing the heritage of the great French haute couture houses.


For over 100 years, France has been one of the main leaders in the world of excellence and motor sport, as well as in the luxury industry.

However, the current phenomenon of globalization is leading to a relocation of production, as well as the disappearance of certain craft or industrial professions.

VISION Automobiles Paris considers that what makes a product valuable and what makes it desirable and unique is the expertise behind its design. VISION values the history behind the methods, gestures and processes that have been passed down for generations, and above all wishes to preserve them. The young company is proud to participate in the protection of French historical know-how in the field of luxury and motor sports. By collaborating with these precious French talents, VISION Automobiles Paris not only highlights them, but also hopes to serve as a springboard for them, showing the world the wonders they are capable of, without concealing their names, quite the contrary.


VISION Automobiles Paris is part of a responsible approach. The reduction of its carbon impact has been a keystone in the construction of its business model from the beginning.

The majority of automakers relocate their production to the four corners of the world, thus reducing costs as much as possible. VISION Automobiles Paris, on the other hand, considers that the comfortable margins of the luxury sector should contribute to the construction of a more responsible production. The brand thus hopes to create a responsible movement and influence other industry players to favor local talent.


The current health crisis confirms this conviction: “we must work as locally as possible, and thus limit as much as possible the risks related to supply, our dependence on imports, and our environmental impact.”

In addition, VISION Automobiles Paris wants to raise awareness and demonstrate that such an industrial model can work, be viable and profitable.


VISION Automobiles Paris has the great honor of being able to count on a network of French partners who have marked the history of motorsports, and who benefit from a great deal of expertise in key areas: tires, aerodynamics, chassis, circuits and electrical integration, engines, homologation, and many others.

– Among the partners with a proven track record on circuits and tracks around the world is Michelin, which will participate in the development of tires and chassis from 1789.

– Faster Racing, a specialist in racing vehicles and concept cars, will play a central role in the development and production of the VISION 1789.

– Welter Research Technology Industry (WRTI), which still holds the world record for speed on a racetrack today, is contributing to the development of the biomethane engine and its integration.

– ACE is a design office with nearly 30 years of experience in Formula 1 racing. It supports VISION Automobiles Paris in the study and aerodynamic development of the road model, VISION 1789.

– With a decade of expertise acquired in various cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, motor sports (Formula 1, WRC, Indycar, etc.) at the highest level, Poly-Shape is now one of the European leaders in 3D metal printing. Poly-Shape, a subsidiary of the AddUp Group, will bring its expertise in the design of specific metal parts for VISION 1789.

– Estival Prototype will manufacture the scale 1 model of VISION 1789 which will be exhibited at various international trade shows and automotive events. This company has manufactured some of the most beautiful and famous concept cars.

– On a non-contractual basis, major French industrial players, particularly energy specialists, are also involved in this project. They are very interested in the boom that VISION Automobiles could give to Bio-gas technology.

– VISION Automobiles Paris is already working alongside a famous French engine manufacturer on the development of the 1789 engine. The long-awaited announcement of this collaboration will be the subject of a press release shortly.

Through VISION, its founders did not only seek to create a car. They are creating a brand, a history and an exciting human adventure, by showcasing the exceptional know-how of the French talents and their partners.

After several years of research, they have built up a valuable network of partners, with whom they work every day, hand in hand..

These partners see in VISION Automobiles and in 1789 a means and an opportunitý to showcase their most advanced technologies, as well as their immense know-how.

VISION Automobiles Paris will be a showcase for their expertise and their incredible capabilities. It is with pride that the young startup promotes the principle of transparency, highlighting these French companies and craftsmen without whom nothing would be possible.

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