Author Nahrain Taylor unveils – My Cool Red Hat

September 14 11:36 2021

Nahrain Taylor makes a grand entrance into the literary world with her children’s novel, “My Cool Red Hat.” This book will quickly capture readers’ hearts with colorful illustrations that allow the story to come alive and wraps its way around the reader’s heart.

Midwest Book Reviewer, Suzie Housley is quoted as saying, “This book would be an excellent addition to any school library.”

Children and adults will appreciate how this book can show a child how a materialistic item can give them strength and courage to tackle some of life’s most challenging obstacles.  As the story progresses, it shows how important the red hat becomes to a young girl, for it can help her confidence to want to go out and bravely conquer the world, knowing that her faithful red hat will always be by her side.


Nahrain Taylor was born in Baghdad, Iraq.  Living in Iraq as a woman was a life-changing experience. Nahrain saw many of her friends and family die at the hands of terrorists.  But through the sands of this war-torn country, she met a United States Army soldier. He brought a beacon of light to her dark world. The two became instantaneous friends, the time she spent with him was a type of freedom she had never enjoyed.  The day came when his unit was deploying out of Iraq.  As he left, she felt he was taking a part of her heart with him. 

Shortly after her friend’s departure, Nahrain found herself a victim of an attack that left her body beaten and broken.  Doctors told her that she would never walk again, and they could only save 10% of her vision.  She refused to believe the prognosis, and with strong will and determination, she fought back to relearn how to walk and learn to live with her limited visibility.

As Nahrain recovered, she knew she needed to leave Iraq. With her family’s support, they bonded together and became refugees.  They were able to escape the clutches of terrorism and make their way to Australia. Settling in her new homeland, she was surprised that her military friend found her through an instant message service and came to Australia to be with her.  The two were married two years from the time they reconnected. 

Nahrain and her husband Shawn live in Australia with their two daughters.  She feels blessed to have such a loving and devoted family. With each book that she publishes, she hopes that it will have the power to change someone’s life.


“My Cool Red Hat’ is published by Nahrain Taylor and can be purchased in both print and electronic format from Amazon and in electronic format at Barns and Noble and Apple.

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