BitcoinClassic has reached an ecological partnership with the TokenTo Wallet

December 22 19:43 2021

According to the Bitcoin Classic community, Bitcoin Classic has reached an ecological partnership with Tokento, which has developed an exclusive cryptocurrency wallet to protect the asset security of each user of Bitcoin Classic. The birth of Bitcoin Classic exclusive wallet will encourage Bitcoin Classic users to enjoy more convenient and fast asset charging service, but also conducive to Bitcoin Classic’s global brand awareness improvement.

Bitcoin Classic has reached a partnership with TokenTo

About the Tokento

Founded in 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, adhering to the vision of “allowing as many people from as many places as possible to enjoy the benefits of blockchain”, users develop cryptocurrency wallets for Android and IOS, enabling users to become familiar with popular cryptocurrencies and without digging into specific technical features and complex settings.

Tokento’s team of 70 people, is cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world, and Tokento offers applications in 13 different languages in an effort to ensure that Tokento can serve most countries of the world and is user-friendly.

About the Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin Classic, abbreviated as BGH, issued 210 million copies and was born through a hard fork at the height of the bitcoin block at 630,000. It is an optimized and upgraded version of the original bitcoin chain, which improves transaction speed, reduces transaction fees and deploys a lightning network.

Bitcoin Classic aims to create a complete peer-to-peer e-cash system that allows one party not to pass through finance.

The agency pays directly to the other party; the Bitcoin Classic network is based on cryptographic proof rather than trust, allowing any parties with this will to transfer directly to each other without requiring a trusted third party business.

Computationally irrevocable, this will protect the seller’s rights from fraud, and the regular custody mechanism is easy Realize to protect the buyer’s rights and interests.

The Bitcoin Classic will be a popular cash system

The birth of Tokento building an exclusive wallet for Bitcoin Classic is of great significance to improve Bitcoin Classic’s global brand influence. In the exclusive wallet, Bitcoin Classic users will have a better asset charging experience. In addition, the ability to develop more Bitcoin Classic-based applications and functions on the exclusive wallet developed by Tokento in the future will promote the construction of global ecological communities on both sides, so that as many users around the world can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

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