Where to Watch Nevertheless and Other Trending Koreanovelas in India

December 23 19:20 2021

The new surge of the Korean wave has already reached the Indian shoreline and people can’t seem to get enough of it. From the obsession with Korean actors like Cha Eunwoo and Lee Minho to name a few, to Korean dramas such as Nevertheless, it is apparent that the hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, it has become easier for international fans to get access to Korean content without having to grasp at straws as compared to the yesteryears. With a free streaming app like Osiflix, fans can support their favorite actors and watch trending Koreanovelas like Nevertheless without restrictions, all for free.

To those unfamiliar with the app, Osiflix is a free Netflix-alternative streaming platform that provides a complete list of the most up-to-date American, Indian, and other Asian television series, movies, documentaries, and more—with Blu-ray High-Definition quality. Download the app here to know more.

Going back, below is a list of some of the available Korean dramas you can watch on Osiflix.

1. Nevertheless

This breakout Korean drama of 2021 is a story of a romance between a man who is annoyed with relationships but likes to flirt and a woman who wants to date but does not believe in love. Chaotic? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the two go through the complications of a young and messy love only on Osiflix.

2. Doom at Your Service

Doom at Your Service follows the story of an orphan who is diagnosed with a brain tumor, forcing her to have less than 100 days to live. As she prays for the destruction of the world, the destruction himself comes to her in the form of a human being, and live with her for the last 100 days.

3. Mouse

This psycho-thriller South Korean television series revolves around a novice police officer of Gudong Police who is best at taking care of all the town’s misbehaviors. One day, however, he teams up with a notorious detective to arrest a psychopathic criminal. Who will come out victorious at the end?

4. So I Married an Anti-fan

Upon losing her job due to a Kpop star, a woman in her late twenties decides to be the guy’s number one foe. However, by a funny twist of fate, she involves herself in a reality TV show where she ends up performing a virtual marriage with the guy he hates the most in the world.

Watch the series adaptation of the webtoon of the same title only on Osiflix.

Enjoy watching!

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