Heroes of Lowhelm, a brand-new and exciting RPG adventure on Zilliqa blockchain

January 03 21:41 2022
Every account comes with two free starter units to play

Heroes of Lowhelm, the first-ever RPG adventure game on Zilliqa, based on ‘Play & Earn’ and ‘Public Shareholder Dividends’ model. Zilliqa will play a vital role in the game as players will purchase units and weapons with the native HOL token. Users can enhance their experience by buying unique perks based on the free-to-play model on the HOL marketplace.

Set in the year 1200 on a distant planet in the Aura system, the planet of Lowhelm has been attacked by monsters from the planet of Kryptonium. All five kingdoms of Lowhelm have been infiltrated, putting all their lives and worldly possessions into rebutting. The greatest champions from the kingdoms of Lowhelm unite to help repel the monster hoards.

Heroes who decide to take on the challenge of the Cryptic hoards will need to play with strategy and instincts by playing against the elements and leading Lowhelm to victory. Over 28 summonable heroes await command, all with different stats, skills, and abilities that can be enhanced and powered up.

The world of Lowhelm is also connecting hundreds of exciting NFTs, including weapons, heroes, upgrade materials. With two currencies, $HOL (the premium currency considered the typical in-game purchase gems) and $CAST (the main in-game currency considered like the regular in-game standard gold), the game offers a unique marketplace to its users to purchase items and heroes.

Free-to-play players can summon more units and equipment to build their team and can spend $HOL to summon rare units and characters that are resellable in the marketplace. Investors who are not gamers can also benefit from holding $HOL tokens. 60% of all Premium NFT sales (Heroes & Equipment) and 5% of all marketplace sales will return to token holders as dividends.

The project has currently not been launched. The Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) will be hosted on Okipad Launchpad on January 24, 2022, at the price of $0.03. To participate, users can stake $OKI before January 3rd, 2022, to be included in the allocation snapshot. Anyone who misses participating in the initial round can participate in the public sale round on Okipad Launchpad on January 28, 2022, at the price of $0.04. Participants do not need to stake any $OKI to participate, as they can exchange $ZIL for $HOL. ZilPay can be used to make these transactions and to play the actual video game in the future.

The team behind Heroes of Lowhelm is highly experienced in the blockchain industry, RPG gaming and is a vast RPG enthusiast. The game is being developed in consultation with an accredited gaming studio offering a very high level of work and detail.

Find out more information by joining Telegram – https://t.me/heroesoflowhelm

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