Jack Yang a.k.a Mr Don’t Give Up, a Singapore Entrepreneur, who went from a Struggling Freelancer to a Vice President of an International Holding Company and founded his own Digital Marketing Agency

January 20 22:05 2022
Jack Yang a.k.a Mr Don't Give Up, a Singapore Entrepreneur, who went from a Struggling Freelancer to a Vice President of an International Holding Company and founded his own Digital Marketing Agency
Jack Yang’s success story is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs worldwide. Today, his digital marketing agency offers proven digital marketing strategies to help businesses drive more traffic and sales.

Singapore – Jack Yang is a new generation entrepreneur based in Singapore. The 34-year-old individual’s success story as an entrepreneur is an inspiration to many other budding entrepreneurs. As they say, success can come at any age. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are going against the grain to leave their well-paid jobs and launch their own startups. The Singapore bred local also started his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance digital marketer. Within a short span of time, he successfully established a digital marketing agency in Singapore that is working with clients in various industries. Jack always nurtures big ideas and knows how to put his plan into action.


“During the COVID-19 period, I chose to hop on to the bandwagon to become a work from home freelance digital marketer. It was not easy, and I struggled to pay off my bills at the end of every month. Bills were starting to mount, and I really had my back against the wall,” remembers Jack.

Back in July 2019, Jack got the opportunity to become an executive consultant with an international holding company. He was initially doing freelance digital marketing for the company. Impressed by his work, the management of the company offered him to come onboard to help them in their business development department. Initially, Jack struggled to meet the targets set by the company. Disappointed at himself, he would often cry in his sleep. But in his mind, there were only three words that pushed him on, “Don’t Give Up!”

Eventually, with the positive mindset, he was able to start to hit his targets, and went beyond to achieve even more than what was set out for him. Within a year, he was promoted to the role of a Vice President of the company, leading a team with a total of 5 managers and consultants.

“As I moved up in the ranks, my passion for Arts and Digital marketing did not stop. I then started an agency doing digital marketing for companies in Singapore, guiding them through a journey in the digital space,” says Jack. “I have helped my clients drive revenues and sales with my customized marketing strategies and always ensured that I give my best in everything.”

Jack realized that the track to success is not always rosy, particularly for ambitious entrepreneurs with little to no experience trying to compete against seasoned and experienced professionals in the industry. Jack has a very business-focused mind and strongly believes creativity and innovation are game-changers for any new venture. He always thinks out of the box and constantly brainstorms ideas to scale his business to greater heights.

“I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business,” says Jack. “I am driven by challenges. For me, life has always been about finding the right opportunities. I didn’t just want to be successful and financially independent. Rather, I have always wanted to create a legacy.”

Jack was always fascinated by technology. He kept a keen eye on the latest technology trends and eventually decided to build his expertise in digital marketing. He had to struggle for a long time to achieve his goals. But he didn’t let anything hold him back from pursuing his dreams and invested his time and energy into learning the intricacies of web development and online marketing.

“Many small businesses haven’t optimized their web presence for search results, either due to lack of technical know-how or lack of awareness. They continue to compromise on their conversion rate, which means they are leaving a lot of money on the table,” explains Jack. “We saw this as an opportunity to help them increase sales and grow their business. We understand this niche inside out. Our team has the experience and expertise to craft customized marketing strategies based on our client’s specific business requirements.”

Jack is committed to providing quality services to his clients. He strongly adheres to the “customer-first” approach, ensuring customer delight on every project he handles for his clients.

“With everything on track and rolling along well, I now can enjoy my passion about Arts,” says Jack. “I am now excited about the world of NFT. As NFTs continue to become popular across the globe, I will also like to announce that a limited-edition collection of NFTs will be launched by me in the near future.”

Jack also likes helping other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. His advice to young entrepreneurs, “Dream big. Keep working towards your goal. Take baby steps if needed, but keep moving. Never lose sight of the big picture. Have confidence in your ability to execute. You will slowly but surely get there.” Lastly, “Don’t Give Up!”

For more information, inquiries or to connect with Jack, send an email or reach out via the website.

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