Chemical Product Testing: Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Conquers the Latest Analytical Challenges

January 24 13:41 2022
Served as an experienced third-party testing laboratory, Alfa Chemistry recently announces its ability to conduct chemical product testing services for clients across the globe.

New York, USA – January 24, 2022 – A reliable testing report is needed on many occasions, especially when a new product is released to the market. Customers may ask for detailed information on composition analysis, content detection, and formula detection of chemicals. Served as an experienced third-party testing laboratory, Alfa Chemistry recently announces its ability to conduct chemical product testing services for clients across the globe.

Manufacturers often resort to chemical testing and analysis to test if their products or commodities are in compliance with relevant regulations. Consumers often resort to a chemical testing and analysis to understand the quality and composition of chemical substances, materials and products.

“With advanced analytical instrumentation and a combination of techniques, our team is confident that we are capable of providing tailor-made chemical product testing services that exceed expectations and straightforwardly solve your challenges,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

The chemical products that can be analyzed by Alfa Chemistry include: chemical raw materials (inorganic raw materials and organic raw materials), detergent and cleaner (industrial cleaning agent, civil cleaning agent, water-based cleaning agent), resin (such as epoxy resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, silicone resin, ion exchange resin), industrial chemicals (pesticide, fertilizer, petrochemical products, adhesives & sealants pigments, coating & paint, inks), daily chemicals (washing powder, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer), chemical auxiliary (additives, adhesives, plasticizers, catalysts, plasticizers, fixing agents, defoamers, waterproofing agents), chemical reagent (inorganic chemical reagents, organic chemical reagents, reference reagents) and more.

In general, the following aspects of chemical products will be tested:

Inorganic performance testing, which further include: compound content, moisture, chloride, heavy metal content, ignition residue, pH value, boiling point, melting point, insoluble content, density, whiteness, volatile at 105°C, residue on sieve, oil absorption, particle size distribution, determination of activation, bulk density, etc.

Organic performance testing, which further include: purity and impurity content, acidity, moisture, chromaticity, evaporation residue, crystallization point, hydroxyl compounds, polymerization inhibitors, peroxides, pH value, total aldehyde content, boiling range, boiling point, melting point, alcohol content, density, etc.

Component analysis, which further include: composition analysis, formula analysis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, chemical composition analysis, deformulation analysis, etc.

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As a trust-worthy provider of various analytical testing services, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is fully devoted to the long-term development of the analytical testing industry, offering a rich and extensive testing range that covers various industries and fields. The laboratory staff are very familiar with all the important international standards and guidelines including ISO, GOST, TQSA, USDA, FDA, FOSFA, GAFTA, IFT, AOCS and SAL. With invaluable expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, the technical team can meet the specific needs of various customers by using advanced analytical equipment and technology.

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