Artist Radhika Rani and her Journey | Spectrum India, 2022

April 22 01:05 2022
Artist Radhika Rani and her Journey | Spectrum India, 2022
Artist Radhika Rani and her Journey | Spectrum India, 2022
Artist Radhika Rani is born and brought up in Kerala; she did her graduation in civil Engineering. Since her college days, she developed skills in painting writing couplets in Hindi and English. Now a painter who has completed ten exhibitions.

Self-taught and now a painter successfully completed ten exhibitions out of which eight of them are solo exhibitions. She also developed her skills in different activities as painting, folk art, photography, poetry, and motivating and self-questioning couplets.

She is a painter who loves to play with bold colors and strokes; most of her compositions have marbled paint effects and are usually done in bold impasto technique without the play of light and shades. Raw as folk art she has an unconventional way of telling stories through her works, forms of geometry play a major role in her paintings. Her works are like fragments of stories that are woven together in between geometric shapes she creates on her canvas. She likes to do a series of paintings on subjects that interest her most.

Her subjects vary from mathematics, science, history, revolutions, folk, ecology, nature, culture, and mythology. The themes line evolution of numerals in different civilizations, spice history its trade and science, portraits in stipple and from photography her latest was on butterflies and its existential environment.

For the last two exhibitions she has displayed her paintings along with the poems based on the paintings.As a Painter, she has done about ten exhibitions in different parts of India and the UAE. Her poems were also published in many books. She has published her poems named Masala Tales, Existential, and a motivational book called “caesura the silent pause” Also published a book on insects named “Insects, A garden view” with photographs of Insects taken from her garden, it’s also available online on Flickr. Authored two e-books in 2020 named, “Existential” and” Masala Tales” and a motivational book “Caesura, the silent pause”. She was part of Poetry anthologies, the wide-open sky, Perspectives of hope, and Poetry is Emotion.

In 2021 she was part of many poetry anthologies in English and Hindi.Greatly influenced by the romantic age and its poets, her thoughts have a basic nature of romanticism. She believes in poetry as she feels it give her discipline in her usage of words and lines using blank and free verse and rhythm more than rhyme. Her works basically revolve around the combination of three art forms painting, photography, and poetry. She loves to do ekphrasis on the painting that inspires her.

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