Earth Day Event: A Small Community Dedicated to Fight Climate Change

April 22 12:46 2022

Are you interested in fighting climate change or enthusiastic about matters of the environment? If yes, then we have news for you. Earth Day is just around the corner, and Renewable Earth Club has organized an online competition to commemorate the day. The competition will involve participants answering questions modelled around climate change. The event’s primary objective is to educate the public about climate change in an engaging fashion and give participants an opportunity to earn prizes as they learn.

Climate change is a significant issue in the modern day. Weather patterns across the globe are shifting, affecting food production and interrupting normal life. Modern farmers can no longer accurately forecast the weather and schedule their farming activities. As a result, the world is grappling with food shortages that have subjected many people, especially from underdeveloped regions, to unprecedented hunger. Climate change has also triggered severe storms. Most parts of the world are witnessing anomalous storms such as hurricanes and tornados that are leaving hundreds dead and thousands of people homeless. Since 2020, the world has been recording some of the hottest temperatures in the planet’s history. Higher temperatures increase heat-related diseases and make it difficult for people to engage in economic activities. Extremely hot seasons also increase the risk of wildfires. As the global temperature keeps rising, there is an alarming risk of losing some species to wildfires, novel diseases, and rising sea levels. Some communities, particularly those that live on islands and along the sea, are at risk of being displaced. Climate change is a defining issue in the modern age. It is the responsibility of everyone to partake in activities tailored to halt climate change and reverse some of its ramifications. Game Night is one such event that aims to give everyone, regardless of location, an opportunity to learn about climate change and contribute to efforts against environmental changes.

Mother Nature NFT Game Night – Earth Day Event, is an online competition where contestants will participate in a trivia-style game. The game will consist of seven climate change themed questions. The first five questions will be multiple choices, meaning participants will be provided with answers from which they will be expected to select the right one(s). For the last two questions, the contestants will be required to provide an answer (not multiple choice). Each question will be revealed to participants for 20 seconds. Once the reveal time elapses, the system will open the following question with no option of going back to the previous questions. This implies, once the reveal time elapses without the participants submitting the answer, the system will mark the question as a fail.

Game night will be open to everyone, regardless of location. The only requirement is to be an advocate member of lovely planet Earth. Anyone can become an advocate member by clicking this discord link, create an account (if required) and ensure to complete their pledge form. New applicants may be requested to verify their accounts using their email accounts. Once individuals become member advocates, they can wait for the Game Night, which will commence on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, at exactly 6.00 PM EDT. Even though it is advisable to register in advance to become an advocate member of lovely planet Earth, latecomers are also welcomed. Our system will allow new members to register on the platform as the event continues and still participate in the competition. However, members will only be allowed to participate in the competition as long as the competition is still occurring.

The top three winners of the event will be rewarded with different gifts. Number one will be awarded a $50 gift card to one of the following sustainable brands: Saint Cosmetics, Call It Spring, or Vitae Apparel. Please note that the gift card will not be converted into cash or other alternatives. A contestant who emerges as the runner up (second) will be given a chance to nominate a non-profit organization to benefit from funds raised through the sale of Mother Nature NFTs. The nominated organization will be shortlisted on the voting list when members, of the Renewable Earth Club, vote for the non-profit organization to benefit from funds raised through the sale of Mother Nature NFTs. The participant who attains third place, will be given an opportunity to choose a friend, or another member, to receive a whitelist spot. The selected member will need to be an advocate member of the Discord community server. In other words, must have completed the pledge form.

The Mother Nature NFT Collection is a community-owned project whose primary objective is to contribute to environmental conservation by partnering with non-governmental organizations that run programs designed to preserve the environment. The collection features 10,000 unique nature-themed NFTs. For every NFT sale, a proportion of the amount will be sent to a charity which will be used to fund the fight against climate change. Funds raised by the initiative will be shared with the following organizations; Rainforest Action Network, Plastic Oceans Canada, Water First, World Wildlife Fund, and other organizations voted by members of their Discord community server.


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• Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, at exactly 6.00 PM EDT


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