Saint Von Colucci Signs Worldwide Management Deal Ahead Of Korea and US Music Debut

May 12 16:25 2022

Canadian-Portuguese singer and songwriter Saint Von Colucci signs exclusive worldwide management deal with City Boys Money, ahead of his Korea and US music debuts. 

Colucci (23) was born in Quebec, Canada, and moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2019 in order to write songs for Korean pop artists and to prepare himself to debut as a singer and actor. Fluent in five languages and educated in music production at the prestigious Berklee music school, Colucci is set to make his music debut in Korea and in the US, with the songs “Oppa”, “Pretty Lies” and “Dangerously in Love”. 

City Boys Money management’ activities are set to begin as soon as his debut EP “Hug Me If I Cry” is released early in June this year.

The EP was inspired by his own past traumas and heartbreak and includes the self-composed and self-produced songs “Kill and Die”, “Heartless” and “I Don’t Bleed”. According to the singer-songwriter himself, the EP is a pop/emo rap project with lyrics that come from a place with lot of pain that was caused by the first time he felt truly in love with another person. “It is about being young and in love, and all the troubles that comes with it when the love is not returned to you and you are betrayed by close people to you that you thought were your friends”, he states. 

Soon after the EP’s release, Colucci is set to begin the final preparations for his commercial debut in Korea and US. When questioned by a reporter about the difficulties of breaking into the Korean market as a non-Asian foreigner, Colucci said:

“Most Koreans believe foreigners living in their countries are either losers who cannot get a decent job in their home countries or that they are those people who are obsessed with Kpop and Korean drama… and unfortunately, for most part, that’s true… All most successful foreigners entertainers do is sit or stand in front of a camera and sell their souls each day for around five hundred dollars a day to shout and scream to a camera about how they eat Kimchi everyday when they wake up and how they defect Kimchi everyday before they go to sleep, meaning that’s how much they love this country. I refuse to be like them.“ 

He continues: ”South Korea is a racist country, but unlike any other racist countries such as the USA, Australia, etc, South Korea`s racism, just like in Poland, is not within the minority of the population but within the exact institutions that should be condoning it, such as the governments and local business. South Korea lacks basic anti-discrimination laws and turns a blind eye to it due to being a minority`s problem in the country. Just like misogyny, racism is rampant in the country. That being said, I can tell you one thing for sure, I will make it, but while still staying true to myself and by fighting for what I believe is right, even if that means being hated by most of the world’s population.” 

“Hug Me If I Cry” is available on all streaming platforms on June 01st, 2022.

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