India allows foreign citizens to easily apply for tourist e-Visa, business e-Visa, and medical e-Visa

June 30 13:00 2022

The government of India introduced electronic travel authorization for 180 countries. Citizens from eligible countries can easily apply for e-Visa for different purposes based on their choice. It allows them to visit India for tourism/recreation, short-term courses, business, or medical visits.

India Visa Online is required by all the people from foreign countries who want to enter India. The important types of e-Visa available in India are e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, and e-Conference Visa. Some other types of Visas like emergency e-Visa and e-Medical Attendant Visa are also available, based on the occasions.  All these e-Visas possess different validity periods, which can be used based on the needs.

Among all the available e-Visas, the Indian tourist e-Visa is the most commonly used one. It serves different purposes and offers the most extended validity of all the available Visas. Indian Visa Application for a tourist Visa is an easy process that can be done in just three steps. Indian tourist e-Visa can be used for sightseeing, recreation, and meeting family members, relatives, or friends. It can also be used for attending yoga programs or any short course (not a degree or diploma). Different validity periods are available for tourist e-Visas to meet everyone’s requirements.

The Visa with the smallest validity is the 30-Day tourist Visa, which offers double entry until the validity. The next tourist Visa comes with one-year validity and the last one with long-term validity of five years. A multiple entry feature is available for both these Visas so that people who want to visit India many times can make use of this feature. The tourist Visa application can be made by visiting and filling out the application form. Different Visa types and details will be provided on the website, from which the applicant can select a tourist e-Visa.

The government of India has provided Indian Business visa for business-related purposes. It is another long-term Visa with a validity of one year. Foreign citizens can continuously stay in India for 180 days using this business e-Visa. It can be utilized for selling or buying goods and services in India and attending technical meetings, sales meetings, or any other business meetings. Indian Business Visa can also be used for trade fairs, exhibitions, or business fairs. Currently, foreign citizens can only use this e-Visa in 28 airports and 5 seaports.

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