EZZ announces the use of DNA technology to decipher the germinal code

August 24 17:02 2022

Recently, EZZ Life Science, an ASX listed company, announced that it has found a solution to the root cause of alopecia and the hair germinal mechanism through research on stem cells with the use of DNA technology, and related products are expected to be launched soon.

It is learned that EZZ is supported by the New Zealand Gene Research Center, the Gene Research Center of Auckland University of Technology and many other world-class scientific research institutions, which has a pivotal influence in the field of commercialization of cutting-edge genetic achievements.

The results of the current research show that the dormancy of 106 genes is the root cause of hair loss in the field of alopecia genetic research. For example, the function of genes encoding and synthesizing two biological amylases of “BMP” and “ephrin” among people suffering from alopecia is very poor, only 4% and 1% of that under normal conditions, while the two biological amylases have the function of promoting hair growth. If the problem cannot be treated from the genetic point of view, we can only rely on supplementary nutrition or medicine, which is undoubtedly a tree without roots.

Eventually, the key to cracking this code was found on a substance called “eucalyptus stem cells” by scientists. According to research, the eucalyptus stem cells extracted by EZZ scientists can actively repair damaged stem cells and restore the regeneration ability of body stem cells, so that the hair follicles can regain growth power, breed new villi, enhance the vitality and elasticity of hair, improve pore blockage, and reduce scalp itching. Based on this, there is this life science achievement that shocked the industry.

“As we all know, Australia is one of the countries with the most mature application of stem cell technology in the world. And now, EZZ has applied this technology to the field of hair growth and has achieved surprising clinical results. Its social and commercial value are very worthy of attention and expectation.” For EZZ’s technological breakthrough in alopecia, a local Australian expert in the field of life sciences gave heartfelt praise.

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