Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System M12-3 – Unbeatable Discount

August 25 02:17 2022

Tymate has slashed the pricing of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System M12-3 by 11% in addition to an additional discount on Amazon. The Tymate TPMS M12-3 provides 5 alarm mode including auto sleep mode. The product includes 4 TPMS sensors (0-87 PSI) and can be charged via solar energy.

Tymate TPMS M12-3 is integrated with automatic solar charging functionality with an improved solar lithium battery alongside USB charging. The unit provides an extended usage time and enable users to focus on driving. The TPMS M12-3 includes five alarm modes such as high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, rapid air leakage and sensor low battery alarm. The maximum and minimum alarm values for tire pressure range (12-87 PSI) and temperature can be easily configured by the drivers. The system clearly displays the date not only in low light but also strong light environments via auto-adjustable backlight. The sleep energy-saving mode will be activated after the vehicle stops running for 10 minutes. The unit wakes up when the car is ready for a ride.

The main highlight of Tymate TPMS M12-3 is the integration of 4 advanced low power external sensors with a long working life of 2 years. The unit is designed in a lightweight form factor with high accuracy of sensing tire pressure including the ability to tolerate extreme harsh environments. The company provides warranty and assured technical support.

The Tymate TPMS M12-3 is available for $79.99 after 11% discount. The company also provides 20% extra discount via Amazon Clip Coupon. The deal will be valid until August 31. The demand is high and stocks are less. Hence, it’s advisable to buy the product immediately to avoid disappointment.

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