Widely Anticipated Crypto Trading Platform for RoRa Asset-Backed Coins, Opens for Pre-Registration

August 25 00:10 2022
Widely Anticipated Crypto Trading Platform for RoRa Asset-Backed Coins, Opens for Pre-Registration
Boasting liquidity, security, and speed, the NYXEX platform has entered its pre-registration phase, available in over 60 countries.

Now open for pre-registration, the NYXEX platform is emerging as the premier choice for those looking to the blockchain for a modern, accessible, and secure decentralized trading experience. With the platform’s full launch in the coming months, pre-registrants will gain access to the latest information and announcements regarding official dates, new features, and insider knowledge. In fact, those with early access will be on the front lines of cryptocurrency’s future, trading anytime, anywhere with ease. 

The NYXEX platform is cross-browser compatible and available on Android and iOS for easy access on-the-go. Its features and functionalities make trading simple and accessible with peace of mind provided by robust security and monitoring features. In fact, the NYXEX platform retains state-of-the-art IP Monitoring, which provides users with real-time notifications and fully encrypted data storage. Self-serve account locks may also be confirmed using the online withdrawal notification system. Each token on the platform undergoes a rigorous security check in order to minimize risk and validate digital assets. Furthermore, NYXEX specializes in a proprietary evaluation process that streamlines a token’s procedure to trade freely when an asset may follow an open standard implementation, such as ERC-20.

Users of the NYXEX trading platform may deposit money into their account by using regular fiat or other cryptocurrency funds, which are supported with minimal fees. Providing a plethora of options for both new and seasoned investors, the NYXEX experience is simple, fast, and frictionless – the ultimate solution for the future of blockchain investing. This will also be the exclusive destination to buy, sell, and trade the asset-backed RoRa coins from RoRa Holdings, Ltd. 

Now, with pre-registration open, the platform is gaining momentum for its full launch in the fall of 2022. Interested individuals may sign up to receive the latest updates and news regarding the platform, announcements, and official opening dates. Pre-registration can be completed at www.nyxex.com


NYXEX is a digital asset trading platform created to break down the accessibility barriers of decentralized trading, allowing anyone, anywhere the opportunity to buy, sell, and grow wealth. By simplifying the buying and selling of digital assets and revolutionizing current trading paradigms, NYXEX is leading the industry in innovation and user experience. 

NYXEX’s purpose is clear; to provide a user-friendly, transparent, and secure platform so that anyone can trade with confidence. To this aim, NYXEX has built a team of industry-leading professionals passionate about making digital asset trading more accessible, while always innovating, evolving, and improving. 

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