Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) Releases Thermo Scorch Featuring 1,000 mg. MitoBurn® and 150 mg. CaloriBurn GP® + More

August 25 23:57 2022
Thermo Scorch an ultra-potent premium stimulant free fat burner that is great for athletes trying to get the most out of their workouts, individuals trying to lose weight and amplify their diet & workouts, and by anyone who is looking to lose fat, improve body-composition, get leaner, and be more fit.

August 25, 2022 – Serious Nutrition Solutions (also known as SNS) recently released MitoBurn XT, a potent MitoBurn product that contains 500 mg. of MitoBurn per capsule and has 60 capsules per bottle and are selling it at a very exciting cost-effective price that allows almost anyone to try this awesome ingredient.

As it turns out, MitoBurn XT was only the beginning of SNS’s releases containing MitoBurn.

SNS is now launching Thermo Scorch, an exciting ultra-potent stimulant free fat burner that contains a very high dose of two of NNB Nutrition’s premium fat loss ingredients. Thermo Scorch contains 1,000 mg. of MitoBurn and 150 mg. of CaloriBurn GP per serving + 3 other clinically researched branded ingredients. 

SNS is known for providing top quality products containing unique and innovative ingredients, many of which are clinically researched branded ingredients and using these ingredients in their formulations at very efficacious dosages. The dosages of MitoBurn and CaloriBurn GP in Thermo Scorch is another great example of SNS delivering an incredibly powerfully dosed formula.

MitoBurn® (L-BAIBA, β-aminoisobutyric acid), is the first clinically tested and verified form of L-BAIBA. L-BAIBA is known as an “exercise factor”, which the muscles produce during exercise. It is an amino acid metabolite of L-valine, is triggered by the PGC-1α protein from exercising muscles. Increased levels of L-BAIBA are associated with many of exercise’s numerous benefits. For example, L-BAIBA helps regulate metabolism, increase energy expenditure, manage fuel selection, and more. MitoBurn® is great for people who are trying to get the most out of their training, casually active individuals looking to support their healthy, active lifestyle, as well as those looking for healthy ways to support their efforts to get lean and fit.

CaloriBurn GP® is a 100% Aframomum Melegueta (grains of paradise) extract, which is ethanol and water extracted through a natural proprietary technology with HPLC and HPTLC standards. CaloriBurn GP® preserves ALL of the metabolism enhancing bioactive compounds from human studies (6-Paradol, 6-Gingerdione, 6-Shogaol, and 6-Gingerol. Grains of paradise has been shown to increase energy expenditure and improve body composition in humans. CaloriBurn GP™ has been shown to effectively activate BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue), which is a very unique type of fat cell that is both thermogenic and metabolically active, burning calories rather than storing them like typical White Adipose Tissue (WAT). BAT is increasingly recognized as a powerful metabolic target, playing a significant role in the regulation of body composition and energy expenditure.

Thermo Scorch is a super exciting product for MitoBurn® or CaloriBurn GP® fans as well as anyone that wants to lose body-fat and is looking for an extremely well-formulated and very highly dosed stimulant free fat burning supplement. Even better, the price of Thermo Scorch is very attractive. Compared to many other products on the market, Thermo Scorch contains 5 clinically researched branded ingredients all at their clinically efficacious dosages or higher, including doses of MitoBurn and CaloriBurn GP that are 2x to 4x as high as commonly seen in many products AND is available for the same price or less. SNS Thermo Scorch will be regularly priced at 59.99 and is available for a limited time for 44.99 as part of their intro sales (use coupon code: thermoscorch25) at and SNS is already shipping to retailers.

Thermo Scorch, like a lot of SNS’s products, is a rare example of where you can get a premium fully loaded product for lesser price than many other products with a fraction of the dosages & ingredients.

All-in-all, Thermo Scorch is the best of both worlds – great dosages at a great price – and is a must not miss product for people wanting to burn as much as they can as quickly as possible.

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