Top 5 Best digital marketing courses online

August 26 14:15 2022

Digital Marketing is widespread and growing because businesses identified long ago that the best channel to distribute their product or service is online. Spending on digital advertising continues to grow annually, and social media has never been so important. The annual growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is projected at 19%.

The average salary of digital marketing professionals is between $50,000 and $97,000 per year. Factors affecting how much money is earned include years of experience, skills, personal reputation, qualifications, and country.

Many training options are available, and it cannot be easy to sift through courses and figure out what’s worth the time and money. So, we gathered the best online programs that make a real digital marketing expert.

  1. Markethippos

The absolute best option that can be found online.

The program is live and interactive, and geared toward digital marketing beginners. While other courses in this guide are suited only to digital marketers with some primary education or background, the Markethippos course is suitable for everyone and walks through the fundamentals of digital marketing in a beginner-friendly way. The topics covered include everything from analytics and data insights to e-commerce to social media. This is truly a perfect comprehensive course for everyone. After completing the training, students take a final exam. Once they pass, they receive a shareable certificate to showcase in their CV and LinkedIn profile. MarketHippos is not just a digital marketing academy, they are also a very successful agency, and packages include a staff spot to start a digital marketing career. It is a comprehensive solution for creating a marketing career for beginners. They hire their graduate or get them hired, which is a massive advantage for quick entry into the industry.

       2. ClickMinded

The ClickMinded platform is devoted solely to teaching people digital marketing. The Course is a bundle of seven designed to increase sales. Each course is oriented around a different space: social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, paid to advertise, sales funnels, web analytics, and search engine optimization. The. Some bundles give access to all courses at a highly discounted rate. The platform is fresh and user-friendly, and its various systems make it a one-stop shop for digital marketing. There are no live interactions with students, which makes it harder to master.

        3. Digital marketing institute

Digital Marketing Institute’s two-year distance learning program culminates in a Master of Science degree. It is a very comprehensive and time-intensive program included in this guide. The program aims to teach how to get into the digital marketing industry and become “an expert’s expert.” This is an advanced sequence of courses on communications and digital strategy and planning, as well as on consumer, social media, search, eCommerce, email, and mobile marketing. The platform is very advanced and engaging, and the program features a nearly split between taught courses and real-world implementation. Before joining the program, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in a business/marketing-related field and have at least one to two years of experience. It is not for beginners or those without a bachelor’s.

         4. CareerFoundry

This course is perfect for those genuinely interested in digital marketing who want to study on their terms.

The CareerFoundry Digital Marketing course teaches all the fundamental skills, tools, and processes required to become a digital marketing expert. Working with an industry expert mentor and tutor, students build projects that can be used in their portfolios, preparing them for a career change in the field. We did find the course to be rather expensive and lacking interaction with students; however, overall excellent.

         5. Digiteers

The Digiteers Social Media Marketing Intensive is an intensive ten-hour course focused entirely on social media marketing. This is a live course, so students can interact in real-time with the course instructors and fellow students. Every live session features a Q&A session and engaging group exercises. Students also benefit from one-on-one mentorship from an expert course trainer.

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