Whale Maker Fund launches NFT as multipliers and keys

August 26 15:05 2022
Whale Maker Fund continues its highly healthy growth in a bear market.

Whale Maker Fund continues its amazing growth in this extreme bear market, topping all projects on the –growing- BRISE chain with 7 million Marketcap being the Top 1 project, which is already above 15 times higher price-wise than its launch – just 90 days ago.

The huge success and continuous adoption of WMF mean better benefits through its Fund Rounds (staking pools) which by the 10th of September will have distributed already in these 2 first rounds over 350.000$ worth of BRISE and BNB.

Both chain holders share the same supply of the token (500m) and growth is parallel, as well as adoption since total holders exceed now 2000, which get paid in native coins (BRISE & BNB), thus avoiding inflation effects on WMF.

Creating an environment of credibility and trust for the investors is and remains the number 1 priority, provided by the successful results of the financial team which are brought to its holders every 45 days!

Of course, as adoption needs exposure, “Marketing campaigns have already been initiated to extend the success with a budget that can exceed half a million USD according to plans for 2023” the Marketing Manager of the project said.

But the team and planning go way over that- announcing the launch of Whale NFTs, which shall have triple utility: 

1. As the Key to entering Fund Round #3 onwards 

2. As representing a value of 20.000 WMF 

3. As a multiplier for their total staked WMFs

The minting as announced will be held on Tuesday 30th of August through WhaleMaker.fund and is only days away.

$WMF is currently traded on SphynxLabs (BRC & BSC) as well as on Pancakeswap for the BSC chain.

To learn more about the Whale Maker Fund visit: https://WhaleMaker.fund

Join the Telegram channel: https://t.me/whitewhalecryptoinfo 

Follow on Twitter @WhaleMakerFund and Instagram: @whalemaker.fund

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