OUPES Launches Its Massive New 2400W Solar Generator Coming with the Brand New 240W Solar Panel

August 26 19:53 2022


OUPES, the clean generator expert providing people with innovative and eco-friendly power solutions, launches its most versatile and powerful solar generator ever on August 22, 2022, in the United States, the 2400W Solar Generator, which comes with a 2400W portable power station and brand new 240W solar panel(s). It redefines the use of clean energy, enriching outdoor enthusiasts’ life as well as serving as a backup power source for home emergencies.


The just-unveiled package offers more storage capacity and a faster solar charge rate than any other units from OUPES so far. Equipped with 2400W AC outlets (5000W peak power), 2232Wh battery capacity, and 14 versatile ports, the 2400W Solar Generator delivers the fastest solar recharging yet for OUPES with 4 of its brand new 240W solar panels (the old one is a 100W solar panel) and allows you to run 99% of your devices and appliances.

“To deliver a better power charging experience to our users, OUPES is constantly improving all aspects of our product – from output power, charging, battery capacity, and battery life and design. The upgraded 2400W solar generator sets a new standard for OUPES products, bringing charging experience to a new level for our solar power solutions.” Said Martin Ma, CEO of OUPES.

960W Efficient Solar Recharging

With 4 latest 240W solar panels, OUPES 2400 greatly improves charging efficiency and can be fully charged within 4 hours. The panels are foldable to knock down when not in use and they feature a pop-out stand for angling them toward the sun.


Plug it into the wall using the included 2*200W AC adapter’s wall outlet, for a full recharge in just 6 hours, the power station can also be charged using any USB-C power.

Plugs into the vehicle’s 12V socket with a car charging cable to fully charge in just 23 hours.

2232Wh Battery Capacity Performance

This new portable power station has a 2232Wh lithium-iron-phosphate (LifePO4) battery which can last 1-3 days for heavy users and 3 – 7 days for light. Its large capacity and volume make it not only a backup power source for families but also a must-have list for long-distance travel. As a versatile green generator, it can support 99% of your devices and appliances, from a cellphone or laptop to large devices like electric cooking equipment, heaters, and lights, etc.


The LiFePO4 battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 2500+ complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions with a longer lifespan of 5x compared to ordinary lithium batteries. What’s more, it has 5 built-in temperature sensors, making it safer and more stable than ordinary batteries.

Also, it’s protected by the battery management system (BMS) with overload protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, smart air cooling, temperature control, and smart management IC. It can adjust the charging voltage and speed to meet the needs of your device.

14 Versatile Port Options Charging Your Various Devices and Appliances at the Same Time

OUPES 2400W Solar Generator can meet the port requirements of various electrical appliances. The unit also boasts fourteen power outlets (five AC, four USB-A, two USB-C, one car output, and two DC) that can power up to fourteen devices simultaneously, and is capable enough to power most small household devices outdoors, including laptops and smartphones.

Comprehensive Upgraded Experience

Besides all the great features mentioned above, the OUPES 2400W boasts more features that worth to be mentioned too as below:

– Its first-rate LiFePO4 battery houses with five temperature core detectors to guarantee a perfect balance of safe and reliable charging

– The industry’s pioneering automotive-grade aluminum alloy frame can protect the whole product with functions of high corrosion resistance, anti-vibration, and temperature resistance.

– The total weight is 21KG, which is 4-5KG lighter than other brands’ products with the similar features. 

The OUPES 2400W series is now available on their website www.oupes.com.  The limited opening offer costs only  $3,699 (regular price: $4,499) for the solar generator with the bundle of a 2400W portable power station and 4*240W solar panel, while the 2400W portable power station itself (no solar panel) is down to as low as $1,699 (regular price: $2,099) only. It must be admitted that the opening offer is a very good deal to take advantage of.


OUPES /ˈəʊpəs/, a clean energy expert founded by a team of engineer experts, focuses on clean energy solutions by providing eco-friendly and portable solar products at the best price. To meet people’s various needs of using power in their outdoor life and emergency home power backup, we’ve launched 4 product series with various battery capacity and output power, including OUPE 600W Series, OUPES 1200W Series, and OUPES 1800W Series, and the newly launched 2400W Series. With the mission to build a sustainable future for the world and bring happiness to people and the vision to make green energy affordable for everyone, we will improve our clean energy solutions continuously. Learn more: www.oupes.com

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