Veteran Combats PTSD with Groundbreaking Technology

August 29 22:33 2022


Jonathan Chia, Co-Founder and COO of Reality Mgmt Technologies and the Reality Center, is on a mission to heal and treat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. During 15 months of intense combat in Iraq, Chia lost 16 of his military brethren. 

Even worse, he lost his two best friends and nearly 100 veterans in his unit from drug overdoses and suicide after returning home. Devastating loss and conflict-ridden situations are not unique to our military. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, these events become something young men and women in our armed forces have to live with well beyond their active years of service. As many veteran influencers have stated, the military does a great job of preparing troops for war, but does nothing to prepare them for the transition back to civilian life. “I couldn’t admit it for years after I got out [of the Army], but I was a mess,” said Chia. “All of my friends were dying either as a result of drinking or heroin; in seeing all this, I chose the holistic route and went with cannabis and psychedelics.” 


It didn’t take long to realize that holistic drugs were the way forward for veterans and anyone else suffering from severe emotional trauma. In the early years of his healing journey, Chia was able to make great friends and partners with leaders in the tech, therapy, and psychedelic space. Since connecting in their mission of healing, Chia and his team have dedicated themselves to creating alternative therapies and healing experiences for veterans. 

Reality Mgmt Technologies and the Reality Center, were established to address the lack of effective treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and to turn people’s trauma into their strengths. “We know that people of all backgrounds experience various levels of trauma,” says Chia. “And we are here to provide the maximum benefits of a deep psychedelic and meditative state in a controlled, drug-free environment.” To accomplish this, Chia’s team created an ecosystem that scientifically synchronizes your senses through pulsing light, relaxing sound, and full body vibration. When the body enters this harmonic state, it is known as Sensory Resonance.


As a result, the client experiences deep states of relaxation, allowing the nervous system to enter the parasympathetic. This process stimulates and enhances meditation benefits, increases performance, shortens rehabilitation, stimulates health, and improves the attitude of any user. The science is complex, but the results are easily impactful and in most cases, instantaneous.

Per their website, the mission of Reality Center is to provide technology that facilitates positive change for humanity. As a testament to that mission, the team has gradually gained momentum through grateful clients, five-star reviews, and word of mouth. “Our 100th [paid] booking was a big deal, but what I’m most proud of is the fact that we have been able to run more than 120 veterans through our healing sessions – for free. The comments and reviews we’ve gotten from the community have been overwhelming. This is what we’ve worked for,” says Chia. “And we are just getting started.”

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