Up And Coming Entrepreneur Of The Decade

August 31 16:04 2022

James Gunkel, founder and chief executive of Medvo Pharmaceuticals and Gunkel Group, is an up and coming entrepreneur that is leading development some of the most advanced sciences and technologies on the planet.

From cures to incurable diseases such as HPV, hepatitis B, HIV and herpes to the most advanced quantitative trading algorithms in the world, James Gunkel knows what it takes to innovate on the cutting edge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Born and raised in New York to a low income family, James worked hard to overcome the challenges that come with living along the poverty line and elevated himself to becoming a leader within his fields.

Despite being just 27 years old, he has been offered to be featured in media coverage by CNBC and Bloomberg highlighting incredibly innovative business executives and the technologies they are developing, and is being featured in Top 100 Magazine’s top 100 people in finance and 40 under 40 publications for 2023.

Additionally of being a successful entrepreneur, James excels as a fund manager for a real estate investment fund located in the United States, and has previously held the titles of investment manager and financial sales executive for two prominent globally operating financial intermediaries.

While managing transactions for a $6.8 billion+ AUM Hong Kong-based fund, James Gunkel traveled the world evaluating investments, conducting due diligence, KYC and AML. At the United Kingdom-based firm, James completed more than $1 billion of investment banking transactions.

One major goal of James is to inspire others to advance humanity’s understanding of the world around us and in doing so, improve the lives of everyone of Earth through new science and technology applications. James preaches “Science and technology are fundamental to maintaining and advancing any developed society and underpin the very essence of what makes us human.”

Another goal of his is to address United Nations development objectives in his entrepreneurship and philanthropy initiatives.

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