The 2022 World Dongguan Entrepreneurs Convention and Semiconductor Industry Development Forum Was Held

August 31 23:41 2022

Dongguan – The 2022 World Dongguan Entrepreneurs Convention and Semiconductor Industry Development Forum was held in Dongguan City. Under the guidance of the Economic Daily, the forum was hosted by the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and the Dongguan Municipal People’s Government. The theme of the forum was “deeply integrating into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and building a new pattern of development”. Numerous professionals and academics from the economics and semiconductor fields delivered keynote addresses. At the event, more than 400 political, business, and academic representatives from World Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 500 companies in China, and entrepreneurs from Dongguan from all over the world took part.

Xu Lijing, deputy editor-in-chief of Economic Daily, said at the forum that the third generation of semiconductors has become the strategic commanding height of competition among the countries in the future. As an important node city of the Greater Bay Area, Dongguan has put forward the strategy of building a competitive integrated circuit industrial base in China, which conforms to the tide of world technology development and draws a grand blueprint on the path of exploring high-quality development.

Ni Guangnan, one of academicians of the China Academy of Engineering, said in his speech that, as the lifeblood of the electronic information industry, the semiconductor industry holds a decisive role in China’s economy and national security. Dongguan has emerged as a prime example of resource concentration that is accelerating thanks to extensive planning done in advance in the semiconductor industry. Hopefully Dongguan will continue to put more effort into special investments in science and technology, supporting the industry’s concentrated development.

In the opinion of Professor Zheng Yongnian from Chinese University of Hong Kong, China should build the world-class platforms to achieve sustainable development, so it is very significant to build Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The Greater Bay Area can achieve great development by means of building financial platforms,educational platforms and world-class scientific innovation and manufacturing centers.

It was noted by Wang Yiming, vice president of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), at the forum that China’s scientific and technological innovation faces new challenges. At the strategic level, China should move away from technological catch-up and toward developing local leading advantages; at the pathway level, China should move away from integrated innovation of terminal products and toward the innovation of intermediate products; at the policy level, China should move away from integrated innovation and toward encouraging original innovation, as well as accelerate foundation research more vigorously.

At the forum, experts such as Shen Bo, deputy director of the Department of Science, Peking University and leader of the third-generation semiconductor key special expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Wang Xujin, dean of the Microelectronics Research Institute, Shenzhen University and dean of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Research Institute had in-depth discussions on topics such as the challenges and countermeasures faced by China’s third-generation semiconductor technological and industrial development, the development history of the integrated circuit industry and the development opportunities of the Greater Bay Area.

Chen Zhiwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, said that there are currently 257 enterprises above designated size involved in semiconductor R&D, production and sales in Dongguan, with a revenue of 54.2 billion RMB last year, which has initially formed an industrial layout supported by equipment, raw materials and applications industries. Dongguan will concentrate on the urban characteristics of “technological innovation + advanced manufacturing,” support the growth of sectors like high-end electronic information and semiconductor, and work to establish itself as a significant hub for innovation in the Greater Bay Area and a pioneer in the quick industrialization of technological advances.

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