DIGIFORCE’s Moco 2 Kids Controller Is Putting Grip Back Into Kids’ Hands

September 01 09:10 2022
Professional switch controller for children, Moco 2 Kids Controller developed by DIGIFORCE provides a great grip for children aged 6 to 10 years.

The “moco 2 kids Controller” that DIGIFORCE is currently developing is a professional switch controller for children. This exclusive game controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Developed by DIGIFORCE, the product is now live on Amazon. Prior to getting listed on Amazon, a pre-sale was carried out on the support purchaser service ‘Makuake’ in Japan for a limited period of one month starting from June 1, 2022. With the support of 477 people, the largest achievement rate of 1715% which was a record. Later the product was launched in Japan on Aug 1, 2022, with a positive reception. 

With a cute shape and trendy color variations, it is made to fit in the palms of children between the ages of 6 and 10, making it simple for kids with little hands to use. It is compact and has excellent operability and functionality, making it a complete and simple-to-use controller that is adorable and useful.

The switch controller has been made extremely light so that it is not burdensome for the children. They can use it comfortably while playing different kinds of games.

The switch controller is available in three beautiful shades Light Blue, Navy, and Marble.

“We believe in sustainability, environmental-friendly and co-existence and co-prosperity. These are the core values that we at DIGIFORCE believe in and utilize in all our different projects. We want to build a better future for the next generations, and hence the products we make, conform to our core values,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Some of the attractive features of this controller are:

  • The controller’s body has various textures on the front and rear. The front is coated with a soft-touch smooth surface. To prevent slipping, the rear features a little rough feel.

  • To avoid scratching the letters, the surfaces of the A, B, X, and Y buttons have undergone UV processing. The ZL and ZR buttons are also slightly bent to prevent slipping when pressing them.

  • The button arrangement and functionality have been thoughtfully designed and tweaked to make them simple, especially for small hands.

  • Anti-slip processing has been applied to the D-pad, and left & right analog sticks.

The electronic brand DIGIFORCE based in Japan, is gearing up to launch this new product in the US Amazon store. This product is already available in Japan from 1st August. The products will be available on USA Amazon by the end of August.

Discover and support Moco 2 Kids Controller on Amazon.

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