JASMINER X4-Q is both a miner and a home heater

September 02 22:25 2022

This winter, the cold weather in Europe will be more severe.

European power exchange data show that France, Germany recently conducted the average price of August 24 power auction up to 645.54 euros / megawatt hour and 624.34 euros / megawatt hour, the Nordic region 24 delivered the average price of the power system is also up to 407.87 euros / megawatt hour. Faced with the pressure of power supply, France, the United Kingdom and many other countries sounded the alarm of power shortage. More serious countries can not afford the high price of electricity has stopped importing electricity and began to limit electricity, like the small country located in the Balkans, Kosovo.

The rising price of electricity has put unprecedented pressure on European households’ electricity consumption. But in the face of the coming winter chill, getting a safe and energy-saving heater for your home is a top priority before the arrival of winter! JASMINER, the global leader in high throughput chip miners, has found the perfect balance to help customers save money on electricity and stay warm through the winter.

Quiet like a computer mainframe, no more than 40db noise

Do you believe that a 1040MH/s hash rate mining machine can lie quietly in your bedroom and mine? The new version of JASMINER X4-Q has been newly improved by the fan module, and now the noise is controlled below 40db, it is just like a computer mainframe with the same size and the same noise, you can’t feel the noise at all, because it has become one with your room, and it is even helping you to make money silently. Compared to other heaters, there will be excess airflow sound, but as a silent miner, JASMINER X4-Q instead, the noise is perfectly controlled at 40db, imagine your office in the study with a computer environment, JASMINER X4-Q provides a silent mining experience is this, in addition, it can also provide you with a constant stream of warm air in the cold winter, “quiet + efficient + power saving + heating” characteristics of the strongest combination so that it is not loved by the majority of European miners are difficult.

3U size + black appearance, can be placed anywhere for heating

JASMINER X4-Q is designed based on the standard 3U specification and is the size of a home computer mainframe, greatly improving energy utilization. Compared to an air conditioner, it is faster to heat and easy to move around, so it can be used nearby next to a sofa, under a desk, or by a bed, which is especially appealing!

Turn on the power and network, JASMINER X4-Q will not only contribute to your calculations, but also their own heat, a heat wave in the house used to you, less than a few minutes, the whole house is warm like a fireside baking fire, home is no longer a cold house, the happiness of life immediately soared!

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