JASMINER X4-Q: Europe Home Miner Heating Artifact

September 02 22:41 2022

In the cold winter, how can Europeans say goodbye to the dilemma of having to rely on expensive heaters and find the greenest and most affordable thermal energy?

A crypto miner who has spent time around a mining machine will most intuitively feel the heat. In fact, mining is a very energy-consuming operation, and once the mining rig is connected to electricity and starts the mining operation, then it will release the excess heat into the environment.

So, the heat that miners can provide is large. However, until today, most miners consume more electricity and pay huge electricity bills, although they consume high power and produce high heat, and some of the heat is wasted, such as being discharged directly into the environment and not fully utilized, which is not the best solution for European households.

Now JASMINER, the world’s most energy-efficient ETC miner manufacturer, has launched a new silent server that allows users to get a hash rate of over 1040MH/s with only 480W of power consumption, with an energy efficiency ratio as strong as 0.46 J/MH. This means that home miners will pay less than a tenth of the previous electricity costs to run the hash rate with the JASMINER X4-Q to keep warm while earning mining revenue. The heat from the JASMINER X4-Q can be used to heat your house, helping to keep the cold out of European homes this cold winter.

The principle of heating while mining with the JASMINER X4-Q is simple. Since heat is never destroyed, the energy consumption in ideal conditions is converted 1:1. So if your miner consumes 500 watts of electricity, that means it will generate 500 watts of heat, and the JASMINER X4-Q can have a thermal efficiency of over 97%, enough for a single machine to heat a small area.

And, the 3U size of the JASMINER X4-Q makes it look like the size of a computer mainframe, and the noise is no different from using a computer. For example, placing the JASMINER X4-Q behind the TV in the living room, where the JASMINER X4-Q can blow hot air into the room without interfering with daily life, and most importantly, the JASMINER X4-Q can run quietly and cause absolutely no disturbance to daily living.

Heating is mining, JASMINER makes heating consumption of electricity convert into digital currency gains. While ordinary heaters generate heat by energizing resistive coils, the JASMINER X4-Q generates heat more intelligently in the process of finding cryptocurrency. Matched with solar energy, or other renewable energy sources, the JASMINER X4-Q may open up a whole new green path for the entire industry when the rest of the heat is used for production purposes.

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