Creative Biolabs’ mRNA Services Meet a Wide Range of Requirements

September 02 23:09 2022
The introduction of mRNA therapeutics has posted market restrictions on access to raw materials and scientific and technical skills. With broad experience in the development of mRNA therapeutics, Creative Biolabs provides a series of mRNA-related services and is committed to being a trustworthy partner in mRNA therapeutics development.

New York, USA – September 2, 2022 – The therapeutic use of mRNA fueled great hope to combat incurable diseases. Recent advances in biotechnological and molecular medicine have enabled the production of almost any functional proteins or peptides within the human body by introducing mRNA as a vaccine or therapeutic agent, which has become a promising application for preventing and treating intractable or genetic diseases. However, the path leading to the development of mRNA drugs or therapeutics can be challenging.

Creative Biolabs has spent years upgrading its mRNA services to address the unique challenges of mRNA therapeutics development and has also generated a one-stop mRNA therapeutics development platform to assist in mRNA-based research projects.

Two featured mRNA services are detailed as follows:

Custom mRNA Synthesis of the Highest Quality

Although it is achievable to quickly produce modified mRNAs from DNA templates using RNA polymerases, its developmental scale and purity fall short of expectations. However, studies have demonstrated that the chemical synthesis of mRNA molecules could solve the above-mentioned shortcomings and support the development of mRNA amplification-based diagnostics.

Based on its extensive experience in dealing with mRNA synthesis, Creative Biolabs provides custom-made synthetic short-length mRNAs to meet global customers’ specific demands.

Advantages of mRNA Synthesis Services

* Powerful technology support high-quality custom-manufactured mRNA production
* Guaranteed quantity and scales of short mRNA
* Available of both research-grade and GMP-grade
* Reliable lab report with timely delivery
* High-quality services at competitive prices

RNA Methylation Assay

The relative abundance of m6A/5-mC in mRNA transcripts affects RNA metabolism processes. Recent studies have shown that m6A and 5-mC RNA methylation is crucial in various biological processes, such as RNA stability and mRNA translation. Therefore, elucidating m6A RNA methylation levels and distribution on RNA transcripts could potentially facilitate the development of mRNA therapeutics.

As a prominent service provider focusing on mRNA-based assays, Creative Biolabs offers excellent services for RNA methylation assays to fulfill the growing need for RNA detection.

Advantages of the RNA Methylation Assay

* Low detection limit and high sensitivity
* Unique binding solution allows quantification of both mRNA and ncRNA
* High specificity to m6A or 5-mC, with no cross-reactivity
* Universal positive and negative controls for quantifying RNA methylation from any species
* Flexible for manual or high throughput analysis with strip-well microplate format
* Easy-to-follow steps for convenience and speed
* Simple, reliable, and consistent assay conditions

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Deeply rooted in mRNA therapeutics, Creative Biolabs provides a range of mRNA services to meet the broad potential applications of mRNA.

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