ADHD ADDults: The Ultimate Success Manual, announced for release in the ADHD month of October

September 05 21:30 2022
The book ADHD ADDults: The Ultimate Success Manual has been written by Jim Livingstone to assist ADHD-affected individuals.

Millions of adults are diagnosed with ADHD worldwide, but few discover the treatments they require to succeed. A diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, which is merely a term for the underlying cause of behaviors, does not entail giving in to the difficulties. One’s perspective will alter as a result of learning how the ADHD brain functions and becoming the best version of themselves.

Jim Livingstone’s book ADHD ADDults: The Ultimate Success Manual serves as a guide to assist people in traveling through this challenging, unexplored area of their life. In the book, author Jim Livingstone, who has been living with and learning about ADHD for seventy years, shares what he always wished someone had communicated to him.

Though ADHD affects 366 million people globally, most people still misunderstand it as a mental disorder or disability. It is just having a different ability. With the help of this book, Jim wants to help others achieve by eradicating the stigma associated with ADD and ADHD. In this book, he teaches how to define goals, how to put in place a support structure, and the seven essential components of action. He offers all the advice and resources required to develop daily routines, improve oneself, and achieve personal success and fulfillment.

The book will be released in October, which is also celebrated as ADHD month throughout the world.

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About the book

People can use Jim Livingstone’s book ADHD ADDults: The Ultimate Success Manual as a guide to help them navigate this difficult and uncharted territory in their lives. Author Jim Livingstone shared in the book what he wished someone had told him when he was feeling confused and overwhelmed.

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