From selling e-books to creating revolutionizing Tanzania’s tourism with incredible dream destination hotel in Morogoro, Tanzania, Meet Samantha Chepi.

September 13 12:25 2022
Samantha Chepi is rising to the top in Tanzania’s travel and tourism sector with her one-of-a-kind project named “Nowhere By Nyumbanii Co.” Set to launch this December

Many talented people are crossing boundaries in their field, and there are more women coming forward. The talented & incredible 24 year woman, Samantha Chepi, is working to change the travel and tourism industry in Tanzania.

It is so astounding to know about all those people who, in ways more than one, go ahead in defining themselves as professionals and, most importantly, as talented beings, crossing boundaries to become their best versions in all that they choose to do in their respective fields. More and more women are now coming forward to showcase their A-game in almost every industry in the world, which has motivated and inspired many other budding talents worldwide. Serving as one of the best examples of one such passionate woman is Samantha Chepi, who believed in her visions in the ever-so-evolving and growing travel and tourism sector in Tanzania and thus went ahead to become a well-known name in the industry.

Samantha Chepi started off with selling ebooks, creating The Paper Money with her co-founder Frank Aswani. From there, she decided to create a more sustainable career for herself by launching a dream destination hotel in Morogoro, Tanzania, becoming the girl behind creating fantastic travel destinations, so much so that today they have become trending destinations in Tanzania that tourists have been seeking to visit. Samantha Chepi wanted to create a positive difference in the industry and help tourists and travel lovers get nearer their dreams. Hence, she decided to create the best project for anyone wishing to enjoy a different side of luxury safari hotels. Her first project is called “Nowhere By Nyumbanii Co.,” inspired by the fact that people don’t know much about Morogoro, where Mikumi serves as a beautiful national park.

Through this project, she offers incredible day trip safaris priced affordably at $55 per person, excluding park fees. This includes a delicious meal and one’s own film camera, helping people create memories and cherish them forever. The tourists’ film gets processed back at the hotel picture. Also, their tour guides are excellent travel partners who are always eager to learn new photography techniques, which gives the team the freedom to create amazing artwork, all while sharing a memory of Mikumi with the tourists.She offers affordable day trips that can be completed in one short day. The trips include a delicious meal and your own film camera, giving you the opportunity to create memories and hold onto them forever. On top of this, her tour guides are excellent travel partners who always want to learn new photography techniques, which gives the team the freedom to create jaw-dropping artwork while sharing a memory of Mikumi with tourists.

Samantha Chepi can’t emphasize enough the need to visit this breathtakingly calm yet beautiful place called Morogoro, where the views are endless, and every corner feels like a chapter from a story that hasn’t been told yet. A story waiting for someone to tell it. Samantha Chepi is also glad about how well she and her team have been pushing forward growth in the tourism economy. They have also been working with several small businesses in Tanzania.You should visit Morogoro, where you can view the beautiful sights and stunning landscapes. I’m also also glad about how we’ve helped the economic growth in Tanzania. We’re partnering with small businesses to make that happen.

This self-driven and determined woman is truly changing the landscape of travel and tourism for the better in Tanzania with her unique project. One can follow them on social media for inspration

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Media Contact
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Phone: +254712445500
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