Vincent Hefti: A Young Versatile Entrepreneur with Unique Media Personality

October 06 00:10 2022


Vincent Hefti, a 21-Year-old entrepreneur from Switzerland doing deals with US companies. Owning his own sport car rental companies in the US. Although Vincent Hefti’s hometown is Zürich but his business and career interests are in the US. As a dedicated hard working young man, he tends to keep his life very private and focused away from his business.


Vincent being very young and versatile, he started off as an entrepreneur based on his love for cars. Not just any cars; “fast expensive sport cars” Developing this idea he brought about his sport car rental company “SPORT RIDES ZURICH”. 

Developing his idea at a young age his website enables every sport car lover gain a direct access to the company if interested in renting a car. There are available catalogs to choose from depending on the exact type of car you are looking for.


Looking at how standardized and professional this company has turned out, there are basic information and instructions to follow before engaging;

General Terms and Conditions and requirements 

  • Minimum age: 18 years

  • Ticket category: B or higher

  • Residence

  • Rental price / VAT

Specific Reservations

Reservations are possible in writing, by phone or by e-mail. You will receive the rental confirmation by e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. Reservations that are not complied with must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the start of the rental. Otherwise, the entire rental price is owed. 

Business Disclaimers

The landlord (the company) assumes no liability for buses (the sport cars), disregard the Road Traffic Act or other traffic offenses. The landlord is not liable to the tenant for activities and failures of any kind. The landlord is obliged to provide the driver with information to authorities. All buses or violations that happen during the rental period must be taken over by the tenant.

  • Accidents: The tenant undertakes to report accidents and damage of any kind to the landlord immediately. In the event of accidents, the tenant is obliged to have a police report drawn up.

  • Exclusions: Sport Rides reserves the right not to hand over the rental vehicles in bad weather. For existing reservations, new appointments can be arranged with the tenant. There are no follow-up costs on both sides.

  • Abroad: The vehicle may only be driven in Switzerland. Any exceptions must be obtained in advance from the landlord.

  • Insurance: Liability and comprehensive insurance are incl. The deductible is fully comprehensive insurance CHF 5,000, liability CHF 1,500.-. Damage up to this amount is always at the expense of the tenant.

Although Vincent has no intention of quitting his business and have been working tirelessly to put out the best service to people, He’s also open to new ideas and ways to improve on. 

Vincent Hefti have a quite number of followers on Instagram: @vincenthefti and also open to engage with others through business or personally on Instagram: @sportrides

Media Contact
Company Name: Sportrides
Contact Person: Vincent Hefti
Email: Send Email
Phone: +41 78 804 55 01
Country: United States