CVL Protocol Redefining Loyalty Programs In The NFT Market

October 19 14:05 2022
With complete metrics through the CVL Protocol, GomLabs intends to revamp customer loyalty programs in Web 3.0.

Several studies by the CFI group underscore the massive decline in the customer’s interest in loyalty programs. According to the most recent survey, close to forty percent of customers mentioned that they weren’t interested because of the dry value brought forward by these programs. 

While this might seem like a massive hit for customer engagement, it presented an opportunity for projects thriving in the NFT market. GomLabs team has recognized that the traditional web2.0 strategies won’t be helpful in this environment. For this reason, GomLabs aims to use the open-source CVL protocol and optimize cluster formation and user grouping. 

The most significant advantage of this unique approach is that customers can access highly personalized programs for their specific needs. This method further eliminates the need for businesses to gather consumer data for extended periods just to offer custom loyalty options. 

There is no debate that customers will be better satisfied with the comprehensive picture presented by this decentralized approach to data. Through this market, each consumer can deliver their desire one-to-one with the relevant organization without worrying about privacy. 

In a recent interview, a representative from GomLabs mentioned, “The consumers are not engaging with traditional loyalty programs anymore. GomLabs plans to change that by creating the CVL protocol to provide complete metrics on any wallet address.” He further added, “With an ambition to become your go-to destination for performing a better loyalty program development, we aim to direct our energies towards improving community loyalty…”

The sports market has already become the first for NFT loyalty rewards, and it is common for sports brands and athletes alike to offer NFTs for maximum fan engagement. 

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