Liposome Development Services for Drug Delivery Announced by Creative Biolabs

October 20 21:41 2022
With decades of experience in liposome development, Creative Biolabs is delighted to announce its comprehensive set of liposome custom services delivered by a team of liposomal experts utilizing the world-class LipoDriveTM liposome development platform.

New York, USA – October 20, 2022 – Since much attention has been paid to liposome-based drug delivery due to its significant therapeutic advantages in the targeting and controlled release of active ingredients as a drug delivery system, Creative Biolabs has dedicated its experts and technicians to exploring this field extensively. Recently, Creative Biolabs has revealed a comprehensive bundle of liposome development services and a world-in-class liposome development platform to support the research needs of global clients.

According to a Creative Biolabs expert, “we have established the advanced LipoDrive™ liposome development platform covering every stage of lipid-based drug delivery research to support researchers’ projects fully.”

Listed below are some featured services of the LipoDrive™ platform provided at Creative Biolabs:

* Custom lipid synthesis service

To help clients develop fully customized headgroup/tail functionalized lipids

* Preformed liposome

To facilitate researchers’ needs utilizing performed liposomes that Creative Biolabs developed

* Functional liposome development service

* Liposomal formulation development service

* Lipid nanoparticle development service

* Liposome analysis and characterization service

“Conventional liposomes exist certain shortages, such as low targeting efficiency, low in vivo stability, and easy degradation by various hydrolases in vivo,” said a specialist, “and we can apply functional materials, for example, stimulus-responsive materials to elevate the application potential of liposomes, thus solving existing limitations of conventional liposomes.”

Listed below are the functional liposome development services provided at Creative Biolabs:

* Conventional liposome development service

* Stimuli-responsive liposome development service

* Cationic liposome development service

* Polysaccharide-coated liposome development service

* Long circulating liposome development service

* Immunoliposome development service

* Magnetic liposome development service

Liposomes can become flexible systems alternating other drug delivery systems due to their physical and chemical properties. Meanwhile, Creative Biolabs can design functional liposomes according to clients’ requirements.

Different liposomal formulations can be applied in the diverse delivery of different drugs. With experienced scientific minds mastering liposomal preparation strategies, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality liposomal formulation development services that promise to support researchers’ studies.

* Liposome encapsulated small molecule drugs

* Liposome encapsulated proteins/peptides

* Liposome encapsulated prodrugs

* Liposome encapsulated nucleic acids

* Liposome-based adjuvants

In addition, studies showed that lipid nanoparticles possess additional advantages over traditional lipid-based carriers, such as improved nucleic acid encapsulation and transfection efficiency, better penetration capacity, and decreased cytotoxicity.

“Lipid nanoparticles stand as a safe and efficient delivery that enhances experts’ confidence to further explore this field,” commented a scientist.

Creative Biolabs updated its lipid nanoparticle (LNP) development services to meet research needs based on liposome drug delivery.

The following lipid nanoparticle (LNP) development services and custom services for LNP development are available at Creative Biolabs:

* LNP formulation screening and optimization

* LNP analysis and characterization

* Functional verification

* Scale-up and process optimization

Furthermore, excellent analytical science plays a critical role in developing liposomes.

“It is well-known that liposomes’ unique preparation process and complex physical and chemical properties will affect the final liposomal formulation,” added an expert, “and our liposome analysis and characterization services at Creative Biolabs can ensure that all prepared liposomes reserve high reproducibility and desired functions.”

Below are the liposome analysis and characterization services at Creative Biolabs:

* Lipid Bilayer Analysis

* Encapsulated Drug Analysis

* Formulation Stability Monitoring Service

* Liposome Composition Analytical Method Development Service

To learn more about liposome development services and the LipoDrive™ liposome development platform at Creative Biolabs, please visit

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