The Sales Generation Program, Another Corporate Training Program From Appleton Greene & Co

October 20 21:45 2022
Introducing the Sales Generation Management corporate training program led by Mr. Robinson including monthly workshops providing expert knowledge to help clients significantly improve their return on investment.

New York, NY, United States – The Appleton Greene Corporate Training Program (CTP) for Sales Generation, designed by Mr. Robinson, a Certified Learning Provider (CLP) at Appleton Greene, features the implementation of a tangible business process, which is focused upon establishing enterprise (complex) sales management solutions that generates sales. Mr Robinson has many notable successes under his belt and valuable expert knowledge to offer. His achievements include the successful research, development, and implementation of a tangible Sales Generation Process. 

Most sales managers would agree that they need some sort of model for measuring sales activities against a rep’s individual performance. The problem is sales manager reports might contain a lot of relevant data but without a clear and coherent system with which to put it in, it’s difficult to know what do with it. A sales management process provides managers with that system. 

It helps them to maintain a level of control, predictability (forecasting) and scalability. It reduces the sales cycle, increases sales efficiency, effectiveness and most importantly sales productivity. Without it, sales directors have zero visibility into their team’s activities and even less control over managing them. These are the problems that Appleton Greene Corporate Training Program (CTP) for Sales Generation aims to solve.Appleton Greene corporate training programs are all process-driven. They are used as vehicles to implement tangible business processes within clients’ organizations, together with training, support and facilitation during the use of these processes. This particular service primarily benefits the Consultancy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Logistics industries. 

Mr Robinson’s Sales Generation curriculum is on offer for $2500 per month and includes 6 hour monthly workshops, with 4 hours of monthly support and is completed over a period of 24 months. Workshops are held either on the client’s premises, an Appleton Greene serviced office, or online via the internet.

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Appleton Greene & Co is a corporate training provider and international consultancy. They employ the services of some 750 Certified Learning Providers and 650 Accredited Consultants located within most major cities worldwide.

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