Unique Perspectives: What is Guangdong’s Special Appeal to Foreign Talents?

October 22 05:49 2022

What factor attracts you to settle down in a city? A city in a different country, even a different continent, and with a different culture? 

Are you a fan of modern metropolitans, where skyscrapers tower into the sky? Or do you prefer a business hub that is full of investment opportunities? Have you dreamt of living in a town with diverse cultural heritage, where you can feel the pulse of history and locality? Or are you looking for a vigorous city with infinite possibilities?

Guangdong has it all.

Seven expats living in South China’s Guangdong Province share their stories of choices, culture, and memories while walking the audiences through today’s Guangdong in the micro-documentary series Why Guangdong, produced by Southern Finance Omnimedia Corp. (SFC), 21st Century Business Herald App (21 APP) and Guangzhou International Cooperation Center (GICC).

Peter Helis from Germany: I consider myself as a half Cantonese

Peter Helis from Germany is currently working as an international investment promotion director in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province’s capital city.

After living in the city for nearly a decade, he has been fully assimilated into the local society. “I consider myself as a half Cantonese,” he said in an interview with SFC.

“There’s a lot of investment development interests in these areas,” Peter said. In his eyes, the burgeoning biomedicine, new energy and new materials sectors in Guangzhou have become new powerful magnets for foreign investments.

As a fanatic bird watcher, Peter also loves observing and taking photos of birds in his spare time. “I’m a nature guy, and the biodiversity here is not less than other places,” he noted, lauding Guangzhou as “a fantastic city”.

David from Canada: Guangzhou is a pretty swinging town, it moves

For David Klick, Guangzhou is a swinging town. After witnessing substantial headway it has made in all respects, especially the well-being of its people over the years, he has composed several songs brimming with his affections toward this place.

“Basically the city has completely changed. The infrastructure is insane, and everything is super convenient,” marveled the Canadian independent music producer in his interview with SFC. He has been living in Guangzhou for about 16 years.

David now offers one-on-one guitar and drums classes to his students, during which he spares no efforts to unlock their ingenuity. “I teach them skills, but a bigger part of what I do is to show them how to be creative,” he said.

Fast-changing and highly interconnected as the city is, David relishes being alone every now and then, so that he can be fully engrossed in music and let his imagination run riot. “I can lock the door, turn my phone off and focus on a real thing for a while, to create something new. It’s a beautiful feeling,” said David as he gives a tour of his studio.

With the passage of time, the vibrant city has reshaped David’s life in various ways. “Guangzhou is a pretty swinging town with all kinds of people. It has become a part of who I am,” he extolled.

Kato from Japan: Changes taking places in the Greater Bay Area have really broadened my horizon

“I hope more people get to know Guangdong. It’s such a flourishing and interesting place,” noted Kato Yuki. The Japanese human resource consultant has lived in China for six years with his footprint all over the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

As China’s economic heavyweight, Guangdong has been spearheading the reform and opening-up, and attracting a flood of foreign-funded enterprises to extend their international presence there. In order to keep these oversea businesses up and running, talent recruitment features prominently on the agenda of the management.

“If foreign enterprises in Guangdong plan to develop or expand their business scope, my job is to understand what career planning Cantonese people have, and select suitable talents or supporting services for my clients,” Kato said.

“Guangzhou is already a highly developed city, but you can also see the ancient culture on the streets,” said Kato, who is also a huge fan of martial arts, “Guangdong boasts a time-honored culture of martial arts. I can find many people here who share the same passion as mine.” 

At the end of his interview with SFC, Kato described his experience in China as fulfilling and mind-blowing. “I’d like to continue to work in the Greater Bay Area in the future. All the changes taking place here have broadened my horizon. I am really grateful to China, especially Guangdong,” he said.

Omar from Egypt: Guangzhou is a promising land with infinite possibilities

Over the years, integrated supply chains, convenient transportation, and favorable policies have created a very enabling business climate for the cross-border E-commerce industry in Guangdong.

“There are abundant business opportunities here, so I started to conduct some transactions on cross-border e-commerce platform myself a few years back,” said Omar Elgendy, an Egyptian cross-border E-commerce entrepreneur in Guangzhou.

When asked about the secret of his success, Omar quoted a saying in Arabic. “Integrity prevails everywhere, and market stands on goodwill,”  he said.

Omar never lost faith in himself and the city even though things were rough in the beginning as the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to global trade.

“Nothing is impossible, as long as we set our mind to surmount all the hurdles along the way,” Omar said.

With a merry family and a flourishing business, Omar has gradually developed a sense of belonging in Guangzhou, “This city is a promising land for every youth to create their own futures,” he commended.

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