Cramer Coin Cryptocurrency Helping End Hunger in Philly

October 31 22:41 2022
Cramer Coin is a meme coin with a purpose; giving power to the people. The community has started working towards ending hunger in Philly.


Miami, Florida – $CRAMER Coin is a newly established meme coin taking the cryptocurrency space by storm. In the latest expansion, the project has started helping with a noble cause of ending hunger in Philly, which is also an area Jim Cramer holds near and dear to his heart. The cryptocurrency project is currently running a campaign to help end hunger in Philly by donating to the region’s largest hunger relief organization @Philabundance.

It is said that the project is playfully aimed at inversing Cramer’s trades, but it is all in good fun and ultimately for a good cause. The @Philabundance campaign is the first of many charitable causes the project plans to host. The company is also working with @TheGivingBlock who is matching Cramer coin’s first $50k donated 1:1.

The team has posted numerous types of content and memes across all social media platforms, many of which have gone viral. This can be seen with marketing campaigns like the advertisement placed on Times Square’s main video board, which just so happens to be close to Cramer’s office. Readers may view the widely shared tweet here.

Beyond the vibrant and fun community and their charitable endeavors, Cramer Coin is developing decentralized finance (DeFi) applications that give power to the people. First up is a scoreboard tracking inverse Cramer trading accounts. 

But there are big plans to become more than a meme coin. The team is currently finalizing the legal and regulatory frameworks to truly give the Power to the People and morph the meme into a global phenomenon.

All these features give credence to the inverse Cramer strategy, and help bring awareness to charitable causes, such as the current @Philabundance campaign. Social media campaigns, meme contests, exchange listings, and many other pleasant surprises lie waiting in the pipeline. 

About Cramer Coin

Cramer Coin gives traditional stock and cryptocurrency traders a chance to make fun of “the big guys” and give “Power to the People” through a suite of tools based on the Inverse Cramer narrative. Cramer is acknowledged as the counter signal in the financial industry with a significant accuracy rate. 

Moreover, the $CRAMER Telegram channel has approximately 2400 members and is still rapidly expanding. There are also over 2000 token holders at the time of writing. If you want to learn more and join this movement yourself feel free to visit the following links:

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