Music creator Sabry Elkoshary releases “Sharm where I met you” a song dedicated to the Climate conference in Sharm el sheik

October 31 19:35 2022
Music creator Sabry Elkoshary releases “Sharm where I met you” a song dedicated to the Climate conference in Sharm el sheik and the beauty of the underwater world.

Koshymedia is ready with their upcoming release. The “Sharm – where I met you” song is related to the amazing beauty of Sharm el sheik. Conceptualized, composed by a lyricist, and published by Sabry Elkoshairy, and singer is Racquel . The song highlights the natural underwater beautiful coral reefs and the climate change of Sharm el sheik.

“Without a healthy ocean we do not have a healthy planet.” 2 degrees increase in temperature kills 90% of coral reefs. About 25% of the sea depends on healthy coral reefs and 500 million people get food from the underwater world. The music is an eternal piece celebrating the underwater world beauty of Sharm el sheik and a message to don’t lose the amazing underwater world. Song encourages the protection of the coral reefs from climate change and promotes the beautiful landscape of Sharm el sheik. The vastness and beauty of the ocean are awe-inspiring with its beautiful reefs. With just the right blend of lyrics and music, the song highlights the beauty of Sharm el sheik and expresses the fear of losing coral reefs.

The bewitching song is going to get a worldwide release this November on the occasion of the climate conference in Sharm el sheik. The song is one of the most exquisite compositions from the musician. The musical track has been composed creatively in keeping with the song’s mood that brings out love expression with the beauty of Sharm El sheik.

“Sharm – where I met you” is one song that is attractive to Sabry Elkoshairy and made much more mesmerizing with the great work in a video made by producer Sabry himself. The video shows the attraction and beauty of the underwater world in Sharm el sheik. Sabry Elkoshairy pretty loves to live and enjoy more beautiful coral reefs, with dancing whales and nights of falling stars that make them mesmerized. Sabry wants to conserve the underwater world and the incredible beauty of reefs so wants to publish this song.

The song premieres across the world’s digital platforms in a few days and before that fans and music lovers can watch a glimpse of the beautiful trail and exclusive video right on YouTube and Facebook. Koshymedia extend their gratitude to music composer & lyricist and publisher Sabry Elkoshairy, and Racquel Robert for the amazing vocals.  

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