Roberto Jimenez’s “My Life In Colors: Embracing The Rainbow” released

October 31 20:00 2022
My Life In Colors: Embracing The Rainbow is a book by Roberto Jimenez to develop a belief in people to trust themselves, and with dedication and hard work, they can achieve anything in their life.

Books are traditional ways for people to be exposed to the writer’s thoughts and ideals, which may aid them in their life to achieve goals based on mere dreams. Books serve as a source of motivation for some and an escape from reality for others. My Life in Colors: Embracing the Rainbow, written by Roberto Jimenez, is a story of his life, his work, and all the hardships he faced along the way.

Self-belief should be the main focus of a person’s life, as, without it, no one can achieve their destiny. Ever since Robert was a child, he lacked self-belief and was ashamed of himself. The typical social norms and reservations told him to keep everything to himself as people assumed him to be “too creative” these words and the lack of faith haunted him for many years, but through his book, he wants others to know that anyone can get through any phase if he can. 

Every person should embrace the facts of life, and they should not stop believing in the most critical person in their life, which means believing in themselves. Listening to your heart and accepting challenges makes a person strong, and in one chapter of My Life in Colors, Robert told how difficult it was for him to come out of the closet in his family of immigrants as the first one to do so. 

Robert was weighed down by the pressure of society and the world, but the most critical thing which kept him on the road to success was his belief in himself. Robert wants to enlighten the world with how he faced the challenges in his life so that they can grow on their own by meeting everything thrown at them with responsibility and confidence while dedicating all their time and passion to their true purpose. 

The book includes chapters like Who I Am, Life in the Dominican Republic, Life in New York, Coming Out, and Challenges Along The Way, among others which showcase the life of Robert to the world. All book sections increase confidence and motivate them to outgrow society and grow with their help while always listening to their heart. 

The author Robert is also a licensed therapist with experience working with a diverse population, including individuals, couples, families, children, employees, and students. He is licensed to practice therapy in many locations in the US.

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About Robert Jimenez 

Robert Jimenez is the author of My Life In Colors: Embracing The Rainbow. His goal is to motivate people to listen to their hearts, have faith in themselves, and become their best version. The book takes a journey toward self-kindness, hard work, resilience, and knowledge. The book tells about all the challenges Robert faced in his life and how he tackled them.

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