Jay Tuccy Creates How-To Channel Providing Helpful Repair Advice to Homeowners

November 02 17:17 2022

Orlando, FL, USA – November 2, 2022 – Jay’s How-To Channel (https://www.youtube.com/@jhtc) on YouTube is quickly becoming an online homeowners guide to fixing just about anything around the house. Jay Tuccy, owner of Integrity Media Group has posted his first 15 videos, showing how to fix a variety of things that may be on your home’s honey-do list, including how to fix a leaking pressure washer and replace a battery on a Macbook Air. He even posted a how-to video showing a cheap way to repair his daughter’s punctured tire.

Jay’s How To channel started as a hack to share some helpful advice. Tuccy posted his first how-to video when he sold his home in Denver, Colorado. Tuccy had installed a Sunsetter Retractable Awning on the back of the house, and he thought it would be helpful to leave the new homeowner video instructions for how to open and close the awning. He created two 4-minute videos, How to Open a Sunsetter Retractable Awning and How to Close a Sunsetter Retractable Awning. He posted the videos on YouTube and sent the new homeowner the link. In less than 2 years, those 2 helpful videos have had over 16,000 views. Comments include, “Super helpful! I just moved into a home with this model awning and didn’t know how to open until I saw this video!” And, “Thanks for this video. I have the instructions but I’m more of a visual learner and this was perfect.”

After selling his home in Denver, Tuccy moved into a previously owned home in Florida that was in need of a lot of repairs and maintenance. He spent the first full year repairing everything from the air conditioning unit to the smoke detectors. He repaired the concrete around pool, replaced ceiling fans and figured out how to get warm-weather grass to grow. After some urging from his family to create how-to videos for everything he was doing, he posted Kill grass with weeds and salt (currently 750+ views) and started posting a new how-to video each week.

Now that most of the honey-do list for his home has been repaired, Tuccy has begun taking requests. Follow him at https://www.youtube.com/@jhtc.

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