Girles Metaverse releases the schedule of Investment opportunities in the NFT Metavese Industry

November 03 17:53 2022

Girles Metaverse is a community of forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts coming together to create unique ideas to meet the diverse needs of all classes of users.

In 2022, Digital arts converted into NFTs became the big thing, and the trend will be the same in the next few years. This hottest trend in technology startups as NFTs are gaining popularity and massive attention exponential rate, and now when it’s quite possible to create the Metaverse, a digital future, allowing the users to experience a virtual environment by creating their avatars.

The game-changing landscapes and opportunities combine into one seamless web3 experience where anyone can create their avatars, do social networking, do workouts, make conference calls, and do business and work meetings. Metaverse has been remarked on and arrived on the global stage with the change in social NETWORK Facebook’s name.

Cryptos, NFTs, Metaverse and the Industry

In the last decade, after many hurdles, objections, and debates on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and eventual adoption by governments created Interest among the people.

Metaverse NFT marketplace allows for more transparency and decentralization in trading NFTs. Since 2021, NFTs have gained massive attention, and so have the adoption through decentralized marketplaces allowing total transparency and seamless transaction. Now the Metaverse is creating a path that creating the NFTs more valuable, accessible and usable. Metaverse NFTs currently account for 4% of the NFT market value. Still, the speed of industry scaling is higher than any other industry, which can unlock the trillion-dollar market that will fuel the NFTs investment boom.

Investment Opportunities With Projects Like Girles Metaverse

Girles Metaverse is a modern crypto community developing a cryptocurrency token that aims to simplify the cryptocurrency world and develop unique ideas.

The Girles Metaverse community is strong and outgoing, and the team is continuously working and improving digital assets by adding new custom developments. The Girles Metaverse community is implementing more than 15 products, and this product range makes the project as hottest Metaverse project.

The decentralized NFT GameFi token of Girles Metaverse is Girles Token, minted on the ethereum network. It is the main product of Girles Metaverse, which consists of P2E Alliance, NFT Metaverse, and Staking Contracts.

The Girles Metaverse team is developing a Minecraft P2E server, completing quests on which investors can earn money on a Play-To-Earn basis as they believe this innovation will significantly expand the crypto community and attract many new investors due to Minecraft’s influence in the gaming world!

The stages of the Acquiring Tokens:

Ethereum network-based Girles Token is available for presale for every crypto, NFT and metaverse investor. For all early-stage investors, there is the provision of attractive investment offers that match up to 200% more than later-stage inventors.

Girles Token presale will be in five (5) stages, with the first round completing on October 22nd 2022, and the last stage approaching on December 17th 2022. The token listings on DEX/CEX are scheduled to take the Girles Token campaign to a wider audience.

To participate in the investment rounds, use the links below:

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