Divinetalk: Emerging faith-tech start-up gets massive funding from ultra HNIs: Onsets with a competitive edge

November 04 22:05 2022
Divinetalk: Emerging faith-tech start-up gets massive funding from ultra HNIs: Onsets with a competitive edge

Good news for people looking for a unified platform in the market that could cater well to their need for Astrology, Meditation, and Ayurveda services under one roof. Divinetalk is one such exclusive technology-based astrology start-up that has a prospect to become a leading platform in the faith tech market that offers users a unique set of products and experiences that onboard all three scientific concepts.

The promising tech start-up has received massive funding and is entering the space with large financial resources. Divinetalk is all set to render state-of-the-art technology assistance to its users worldwide by successfully raising $2M funding at an undisclosed valuation from ultra HNIs (High Net worth individuals).  Paras Ajay Shah and Karan Ashok Punwani, founders of Divinetalk (Parent company Digiastro Technologies Private Limited) confirmed the investment news during media interaction. 

Astrology, Ayurveda, and meditation are India’s gifts to the world. It’s that ancient wisdom that has interested and inspired both past and present generations. Followers and believers worldwide have made them an integral part of their culture and belief.

Eyeing an opportunity around the novel concept to integrate the trio as mentioned earlier, Founders Paras and Karan designed this Divine App with a wide range of Astrology, Meditation, and Ayurveda-related services. The App can get you the most accurate reading in terms of astrology prediction through trusted and certified experts, on-demand consultation globally, Proprietary Planetary Meditation remedies as per ancient Vedas, and Astro Cosmetics consultation as per Astro-health methodology.

Setting a benchmark by providing such a unified and highly secured platform in the market for the first time, the App is currently launched on the android version. (IOS version will be available shortly). Moreover, its USP also includes its availability in multiple languages, which helps it to penetrate regional segments and user-friendly usage. Further, Divinetalk follows a strict mechanism to include expert astrologers, healers, and health advisors in its team to deliver the best quality consulting.

According to the founders, Divine’s vision is to provide ethical solutions in the field of Astrology, Meditation, and Ayurveda. Divine is formed to help people struggling to achieve tranquillity in mind, body, and soul. This shall include the nine planet remedies and donations to cows, fish, and dogs. In addition, ayurvedic medicines have been formulated in order to provide lifestyle and spiritual practices intended to optimize health based on the doshic category.

The young and dynamic founders of Divine are serial entrepreneurs. On the one hand, Paras has extensive experience in the Adtech space that has voyaged to bring an extraordinary experience to start-ups. On the other hand, Karan Punwani holds expertise in the programmatic Digital Out of the Home segment (DOOH) and advertising and has worked extensively with major brands across various segments.

With 45+ Employee strengths, 750+ Astrologers, 200+ Healers, and 100+ Ayurveda advisors, the duo is expected to do a fantastic business and has full potential to make DivineTalk App a fastest-growing start-up. The team at Divine is working diligently on its goal to become a market leader and dominate the world market by providing genuine services such as consultations, live sessions, online puja, and Divine Astro products to users and building a loyal community with a unique set of products.

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