Hangover remedy made in Korea – Alcocol for hangover solution: Renewal

November 09 05:00 2022

Alcocol for hangover solution. Renewal! Change h to c in alcohol and it becomes alcocol A strong hangover cure made from natural plant extracts, Alcocol, was Renewal released into market. Its main strengths are lessening headaches in the morning, and Alcocol was developed in cooperation with an Oriental doctor. Hangover cure Alcocol has been released after three years of cooperation and research with an Oriental doctor, and it is a unique mixture that did not exist before. It was made in the form of a pill, not a pellet to appeal to foreign customers.

Alcocol is made from various ingredients that improves hangover symptoms and liver production, such as milk thistle, oriental raisin tree and cumin. Milk thistle is a functional ingredient recognized by the Food and Drugs Administration that helps with liver health. Quercetin in oriental raisin tree helps protect the liver from alcoholic liver damage. Curcumin, a natural dye found in cumin, has strong anti-inflammatory effects that prevent stomach inflammation and ulcer formation, as well as helping to calm upset stomach after heavy drinking.

According to the company, Alcocol was developed based on independent ionization technology, and is a rising star in food material development industry. Alcocol is a hangover cure consisting of arrowroot, bellflower, cumin, oriental raisin tree and milk thistle, which removes molecules that cause hangovers. In addition, vitamin c, vitamin fruit extract, cantaloupe melon extract, fish collagen and various other extracts were added. Main ingredients of Alcocol, a hangover cure, are natural extracts. These ingredients bond with acetaldehyde and break it down into harmless water and ethyl acid, and aid their excretion. Experts said that Alcocol is different from existing hangover cures that just contain seemingly healthy ingredients instead, it was developed based on scientific evidence and oriental medicine ideas, which leads to the perfect hangover solution.

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