The 32 acres of “Golden Apple” accelerates the development of Yiyuan, Shandong Province

November 14 22:49 2022

In the golden autumn season, there is a good harvest in Shandong, and smiling fruit farmers increase their incomes. In Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, which is known as the “Roof of Shandong Province”, the omnipresent “Yiyuan Red” apples are fragrant. At this time, 320,000 mu of apples in the county are welcoming their “high light moment” of the harvest season.

(Fruit farmers sorting apples in Jiaojia Shangzhuang Village, Zhongzhuang Town, Yiyuan County)

“The red apple is the villagers’ golden apple. This orchard has achieved high-standard management of water and fertilizer integration. The orchard is well managed, with large apple output, big size, sweet taste and high price. The output value of these eight acres of land is estimated to be about 400,000 yuan. Picking and selling apples is the happiest moment for every family. ” On October 21st, Gao Yongzhong, a fruit grower in Shezhuang Village, Zhongzhuang Town, told reporters happily. At present, Yiyuan is full of busy scenes where fruit farmers are constantly picking, sorting, selling, transporting and storing. Red apples indicate the smiling faces of fruit farmers.


(Li Sancai, a fruit farmer in Jiaojiashangzhuang Village, Zhongzhuang Town, Yiyuan County, is picking apples and putting them in baskets)


(Fruit farmers sorting apples in Jiaojia Shangzhuang Village, Zhongzhuang Town, Yiyuan County)

According to reports, this year, there are 320,000 mu of apples in the county, with an estimated output of 630,000 tons. The high-quality fruit rate has increased significantly to 56%, with an estimated total output value of 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20%, thus achieving a significant improvement in quality and a substantial increase in benefits.

In recent years, Yiyuan County has insisted on the development of fruit industry as the leading industry to promote rural revitalization. Focusing on the key links of fruit industry revitalization, such as the introduction of new apple varieties, the reconstruction of inferior orchards, and the improvement of orchard quality in full fruit period, efforts have been concentrated and solidly promoted. The scale and development level of fruit industry in the county have been continuously improved, effectively driving farmers to increase their income and get rich. (Zhang Kuifa Dong Yufang)

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