The CIPC – Metaverse Global Financial Decentralization Conference was a huge success

December 05 17:09 2022

The “Global Financial USDT3.0 Decentralization Launch Conference” organised by CIPC Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain made its grand debut at 2:00 p.m. on December 1, 2022!

Thailand is the first stop in Southeast Asia for this conference. Thai blockchain technology experts were specially invited to deeply analyse the core competitiveness and international mission of USDT3.0, in addition to popularising the general environment and prospects of the blockchain industry. The introduction of USDT3.0 will usher in an unprecedented connection between the financial system and the Metaverse world, forge ahead in the new era with new development concepts, demonstrating new responsibilities and achievements in the new journey of high-quality development. Investment enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in the Metaverse, set sail with professionals from all walks of life in a feast that fully integrated vision and experience, and witnessed the birth of USDT3.0 together, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The vast universe’s metaverse press conference was unprecedentedly grand, with tens of thousands of participants and spectators gathered from all over the world. Participants from around the world only need to connect online in order to take part in the grand ceremony at the same time. This is a historic moment for the chain, as well as an opportunity for all to witness the chain’s future financial success!

The host introduced Golf Sarun, a well-known blockchain expert in Thailand, during the press conference. He mainly conveys the key points of blockchain and USDT3.0 to everyone. Among them, he specifically explained the external and internal factors involved in the ups and downs of the Bitcoin market, help everyone understand the direction of market development by using interesting and concise language. In the introduction, he has explained why a stable currency is the most important solution to market trust. He began with what is Web3.0, then moved on to USDT3.0; from the cryptocurrency market to global policy changes, and finally combined the various functions and advantages of USDT3.0, with the goal of providing a new solution to the existing commercial financial pain points.

The host then invited Ohm, the representative of CIPC Thailand, to give an insightful presentation. He examined how the CIPC public chain and the stable currency USDT 3.0 will bring about significant changes and rapid development in the financial era. Among them, CIPC uses blockchain technology as a premise to serve the world and solve global pain points, empowering the world, and better business opportunities can reach every household by combining multiple physical businesses with virtual development!

The start of the conference’s launching ceremony will not only inspire the hearts of global investors, but will also detonate a new engine for the financial era’s development. The host also explained the surprise promotions and mini games at the end of this conference to further enhance everyone’s experience.

The Metaverse Global Financial Decentralization Conference, which began with technological innovation, marked the beginning of a new era in finance. We believe that the CIPC Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain will shine on the global stage, inspiring others to take the lead and create even more brilliance!

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