Colombia loves the new Floating Island in Cartagena, Colombia

December 06 21:15 2022

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Let’s explore why Colombian and crypto-enthusiasts are falling in love with Isla De Crypto.

Isla De Crypto will be a treat for people who are after uniqueness, luxury, futuristic and blockchain technology. It’ll be complete bliss for the tourism industry as people with different interests will come together to feel the essence of the iconic tech-powered tropical escape. In the realm of real estate, this is a one-of-a-kind location for blockchain enthusiasts. It is a revolutionary floating island in the city of Cartagena, Colombia.

Isla De Crypto: An Innovative Paradise 

Do you wish to plant yourself in the future? If yes, Isla De Crypto will be your stepping stone. In the realm of real estate, this is a one-of-a-kind location for blockchain enthusiasts. There will be floating rooms, a floating lounge, and a floating restaurant, all equipped with digital IDs, voice control features, robots and crypto payments. Can’t wait for this to happen, right?

It is a revolutionary 100% environmentally friendly floating island in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Because of the aesthetic value of the property, it will lead to an increase in tourism within the city. In addition, it will provide habitat and environmental benefits such as the elimination of nutrients in surface water, disinfection of waterborne bacteria, improvement of fish habitat, and protection of shorelines.

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Floating Restaurant

As the name suggests, it will be home to several enticing eateries ideal for romantic dinners or putting up the finishing touches on a business transaction. It features live cooking stations where guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world with fine dining. The easygoing ambience permeates the entire island and can be detected in every corner, just like the cuisine and the aesthetic sensibilities of the establishments that make up its population.

Floating Bar

The atrium gives way to an extension of the building known as the floating bar, which are indoor spaces that look out over the sea. Before dinner, this is the ideal setting for catching up with friends while enjoying a classic gin & tonic at the bar. Alternatively, you could spend the night at the bar, where you could take advantage of the bar’s food and the calming atmosphere.


Off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, and surrounded by crystal clear water, Isla De Crypto will certainly look like paradise – and it will feel like one too. After all, Cartagena is called the Pearl of the Carrabien Sea! Hammad Khan, the founder of the Isla de Crypto.

Floating Rooms

The Island will have nine floating rooms and floats directly on the Carrabien Sea to give you “the most beautiful sunrise and sunset” vibes. These floating rooms bring you closer to nature, help you rediscover the joy in simple pleasures, and educate you about local traditions. You will be able to disconnect from the outside world and feel more connected to the sea when you spend your time on the floating wooden deck.  

Terrace patrons may witness the night sky transform into morning light as they lose themselves in the rhythm of the music with the fresh air and great wine. 

Floating Disco

Over the decades, disco bars have become a go-to place for electronic music fans who are searching for raves organized by renowned DJs and selectors from all over the world. The floating disco on the island will be revolutionary for fun and nightlife. The party won’t stop at Isla De Crypto!

A Futuristic Hub for the Blockchain Community

Isla De Crypto will be dedicated to the blockchain community, tech geeks, and future enthusiasts. It’ll ensure a borderless community for all the experts, traders, and entrepreneurs worldwide. The main idea behind the concept is to establish a close relationship between community members and encourage blockchain usage in daily life. 

Through events like hackathons and business conferences, the community will help young specialists gain experience and project teams adapt to technological change.

You can consider it a borderless tropical paradise for traders, entrepreneurs, investors and tourists, as they can gather and enjoy sci-fi-inspired amenities. 

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It will compete with a rich musical history and a glamorous atmosphere, having an electrifying combination of genuineness, enjoyment, spontaneity, and praiseworthy qualities. You can also bypass the lines, travel through the hidden passages, and immediately emerge as VIPs. Let your hedonism run wild at a table with a view, where the service is impeccable and the music is loud and clear. The VIP experience with the highest level of glitz and excitement.

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