Amerigo Scientific Launches Handheld Bioreactor VITVO for Research Applications

December 07 18:21 2022
Amerigo Scientific recently announced the launch of its VITVO for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture models for numerous research applications and pre-clinical studies.

New York, USA – December 7, 2022 – Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science communities, recently announced the launch of its VITVO, a ready-to-use, flat and hand-held bioreactor with integrated scaffold for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture models for numerous research applications and pre-clinical studies.

3D cell culture has been widely used in differentiation research, drug discovery, cancer research, gene and protein expression research, and cell physiology research. Amerigo Scientific offers a variety of simple and high-performance 3D cell culture systems such as ready-to-use solid scaffold bioreactors, scaffold-free culture plates for the production of highly standardized cell spheroids, highly compatible microfluidic chips, and 3D adipocyte microphysiology systems. Each 3D cell culture system reserves a unique set of advantages that can be selected based on experimental objectives and goals.

This new VITVO is a novel generation of 3D cell culture bioreactor for rapid cell colonization in 3D, enabling realistic reconstruction of tissue complexity in vitro, mimicking the in vivo-like microenvironment. In addition, this in vitro 3D cell culture system also offers a solution for precision medicine approaches.

The matrix core of the 3D bioreactor VITVO is a fiber-based 3D scaffold optimized for cell retainment, engraftment and colonization. Cells colonize within the 3D matrix by adhering to fibers or forming aggregates within 90% of their void volume. Meanwhile, this cell culture bioreactor can accommodate both human and animal cells, making it a concrete solution for reducing and replacing small animal research, with ethical and economic implications for drug development.

3D platforms provide a more physiological environment for cell culture in drug discovery and toxicology than classical 2D culture systems, as 3D cultures retain the advantage of simulating in vivo environments, enabling drug safety and efficacy testing in human avatar settings. Moreover, 3D culture can reduce attrition rates in drug development by better predicting efficacy and toxicity of putative drugs before they enter preclinical animal testing and the clinic.

With this new 3D bioreactor, scientists can address chemotherapy/TKI efficacy in 3D and minimize animal usage, resolve putative drug toxicity in 3D (hepatocytes), and enhance cell therapeutic efficacy (possibility to load targets and effectors at variable ratios in 3D correlated models CAR-T, MSC), as well as biologic efficacy in 3D (PD/PK), i.e., tumor penetration of monoclonal antibodies. Additionally, customers can exploit it in cancer metabolomics (i.e., tumor/stroma interactions), histological testing after cell loading (methacrylate embedding) histology after cytotoxicity (surrogate for minimal residual disease), and 3D Migration Analysis.

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Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company that focuses on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities. Albeit this is a new company, Amerigo Scientific’s founder possesses more than 20 years of experience in the biomedical as well as biochemical fields and has established close contacts with key personnel in top international pharmaceutical, biotech companies, academic research institutes, and government research agencies.

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