Friska Wirya Is Helping Businesses Discover Ways To Adapt In This New Economy

December 08 09:20 2022

In a world that is constantly changing, it can be difficult for organizations to keep up. 

In the past two years, we have seen massive changes caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. And this is just the beginning – we will be facing even more environmental, technological and societal change in the years to come.

Friska Wirya has been at the forefront in helping businesses adapt to the “new normal”.

She’s spoken about digital transformation and change at Women Leaders Institute™, Salesforce™, Microsoft™, Future Of Mining Australia™, Wonder Women Tech™, Oracle™, Women In Mining & Energy™ and General Assembly.

A Top 50 Global Change Management Thought Leader, Stevie International Women in Business Award Winner, Australian Small Business Champion Finalist and Golden Key International Honour Society honouree, Friska has also been a TEDx™ featured speaker on future fitness and digital transformation. 

Friska says “It’s important for organizations to remember that change is not a bad thing. In fact, it is an unparalleled opportunity for growth and innovation. Those that embrace change will be able to thrive in today’s evolving world where change is the only constant.

It’s important to remember that change is inevitable, so instead of resisting, we should focus on ready-ing. The key is to be proactive and embrace change head-on”.

Friska has received many glistening testimonials for her work including this one from Chris Jankulovksi, CEO Remote Staff:

“Friska presented to a business group I am involved in on a very important topic, especially in these fast changing times…Her presentation was about change management. 

Her experience and approach to change management was very impressive. My 3 biggest takeaways may sound simple, but I found these tips very insightful. In her presentation she suggested 1) to establish role models who are adopting the changes well, 2) provide practice opportunities for staff and 3) to offer visual prompts.”

Friska has received countless other positive reviews and is passionate about continuing her work and helping businesses adapt during these uncertain times. As it is no longer about the big beating the small, but the adaptable beating the static.

Plus, Friska has big plans for her ‘yet to be released’ immersive 4D augmented reality offerings in the metaverse – partnering with Facebook and Gemba to deliver consulting and capability building masterclasses to executives regardless of location or industry. She is also developing an interactive video game on change leadership and change intelligence.

To discover more about Friska and what she does, visit her website

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