Pronalyse’s Fusion Protein Characterization Service Aids in the Drug Development Process

December 08 20:21 2022

New York, USA – December 8, 2022 – Pronalyse is a subdivision of Creative Proteomics, an integrated CRO company with rich experience in providing drug development services. Building on its years of experience, Creative Proteomics Pronalyse announces the launch of its fusion proteins characterization service to ensure the production of safe and effective therapeutic fusion proteins.

Fusion protein refers to a new type of synthetic protein by fusing a certain biologically active functional protein molecule with other natural proteins (fusion partners) using technologies such as genetic engineering. Functional protein molecules are usually endogenous ligands (or corresponding receptors), such as cytokines, growth factors, hormones, enzymes, or other active substances, while fusion partners mainly include immunoglobulins, albumins, or transferrins.

Fusion proteins consist of two major roles: to improve the stability and prolong the metabolism of functional proteins in vivo, as well as to fuse one or more functional fragments to form highly effective targeted drugs.

FDA-approved fusion proteins to date are used as agonists of receptor function, such as romiplostim and alefacept; as antagonists that block receptor function, such as etanercept, belatacept, abatacept, lilocept, and aflibercept; or as a direct cytotoxic agent, such as denileukin-diftitox. Meanwhile, a large number of potential candidate peptides targeting the metabolic, cardiovascular, central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as endocrine, immune, hematological, allergic, and other malignant diseases, are in early-stage research or clinical trials.

The structural complexity and heterogeneity of Fc fusion proteins require comprehensive characterization with multiple analytical tools, such as ion exchange chromatography (IEX), isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF), imaging capillary isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (icIEF), hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC), RP-LC, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and LC-MS, etc. “Due to its high sensitivity, resolution, and mass accuracy, our high-resolution mass spectrometry can well confirm the primary structure of fusion proteins and comprehensively characterize fusion protein glycosylation at the level of intact proteins, glycopeptides, and free sugars,” stated Creative Proteomics Pronalyse’s project manager.

By combining advanced technology and a thorough understanding of biochemistry, Creative Proteomics can apply different analytical techniques to extensively characterize fusion proteins. The company’s fusion protein characterization services include but are not limited to:

• High-resolution molecular weight analysis (electrospray mass spectrometry)

Peptide identification analysis (LC-MS/MS)

• Peptide sequencing

• PTMs analysis

• Purity and impurity analysis

About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics is an innovative contract research organization that focuses on using advanced equipment, platforms, and optimized detection technologies to help researchers around the world to work more effectively and cost-efficiently. The company has a proprietary laboratory information management system to strengthen laboratory quality monitoring and quality management and ensure the efficiency and security of customer data.

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