Rotary Club International – Adopt a Farming Family in Costa Rica

December 13 17:05 2022
Jungle Project is investing in trees and training to help farming communities empower themselves.

Seattle, Washington, USA – December 13, 2022 – Rotary Club International has joined Jungle Project’s donors, supporting the “Trees, Training & Trade Campaign.” With donations and grants from individuals and NGO’s like Alter Eco Foundation and Rotary Club International and KTG as the fiscal sponsor, Jungle Project is able to expand the regenerative agricultural program’s impact reach.

Salas Family receiving plants for their second breadfruit farm (From Left: Carlos, Eduardo, Maia & Pablo). It is Jungle Project’s mission to help to protect vulnerable communities from hunger and malnourishment, while protecting the environment too.

Jungle Project partners with farming families to establish agroforestry systems (i.e., edible forests with many plants growing together in harmony) with a focus on breadfruit trees. Breadfruit is a superb and largely untapped food source that can feed billions of people while drawing down carbon. One breadfruit tree can feed an entire family for generations. Many value-added products can be made from these agroforestry systems, such as breadfruit flour, which can be used to make pastas, crackers, sweet and savory pastries and many more nutritious and tasty dishes.

The Salas family and their family farm have been a model example of the transformative power of regenerative agriculture. They began working alongside Jungle transitioning their first farm to an agroforestry system based around breadfruit trees, managed through regenerative practices. Thus far, they have healed their soil, steadily increasing the amount and diversity of their soil microbiome, while strengthening the riparian buffer zone of the Pejivalle river that borders their farm. They have created a resilient ecosystem that feeds them nutritious and delicious foods and will continue to do so for generations. Their farm has been sponsored by the Rotary Club International, and many more families in these communities could use the same support.

Since its inception, Jungle Project’s mission has been to provide a community-based agroforestry model by planting trees and training farmers. By creating a market for the farmers’ products, Jungle establishes a model for the sustainable growth of the emerging supply chain that serves small farmers, consumers, and the planet.

“Jungle Project has shown us an infinite range of potential for agroforestry and the power of organization. The past generation has grown apart mainly due to lack of job opportunities in the area, but working with Jungle over the past years has revitalized our family ties through working the land together.” – Breadfruit Farmer Pablo Salas (Pejivalle)


Jungle Project is a regenerative enterprise dedicated to trees, training, and trade. Through the promotion of its tropical agroforestry model, they establish and research under-utilized crops like breadfruit.

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Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California addressing climate change through the regeneration of soil.

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Rotary International 501(c)3 is a humanitarian service organization that brings together business and professional leaders in order to provide community service, promote integrity, and advance goodwill, peace, and understanding in the world. It is a non-political and non-religious organization. (*South Hill Puyallup, WA Branch)


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