Sasha Carrion Launches Mindful Eating & Weight Release Program To Help Women Heal

December 15 17:45 2022
Sasha Carrion Launches Mindful Eating & Weight Release Program To Help Women Heal
Sasha Carrion is the creator of the Mindful Eating and Weight Release program for women.

Sasha Carrion has released her Mindful Eating and Weight Release program to help women heal and live healthy life. Her passionate life coaching comes from all of the experiences that she herself has gone through.

Sasha Carrion is a businesswoman who has dedicated her life to helping other women achieve freedom from emotional eating and weight gain. She’s seen the worst of the worst when it comes to food disorders, and yet she’s survived. 

Sasha states, “It’s not the food. It’s your mind’s set point that needs to get fixed. Do that, and what once felt impossible will become possible.”

Her focus is on helping women heal with her Mindful Eating + Weight Release program. It’s focused on helping women who have issues with emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating find freedom.

She had a lot of body dysmorphia and food disorder issues because of the trauma that she experienced as a child. When she was 5 and her sister 3 years old, their mother disappeared. Their father then disappeared too—they were raised by an emotionally volatile grandmother who was very angry and critical. 

She grew up feeling unwanted and not nearly good enough; that created the perfect storm for her to use food as a coping mechanism. Because of that, she always had issues with eating and weight. 

It was once she became a mindset coach that everything changed—she became living proof that even a person who had a lot of emotional issues and had suffered many losses can heal and ultimately take control of their eating habits.

She believes one of the most common reasons people struggle with their figure is because they don’t know what’s really going on in their minds, and while this may seem like a simple problem, it can be incredibly difficult to address. That’s why Sasha’s techniques are so revolutionary. She gets to the core of healing the real problems that are causing weight gain—and then helps her clients change their mindsets so that they can finally achieve the confidence and body that they’ve been wanting for so long.

Sasha Carrion is eager to continue helping women around the world to feel amazing in their mind and body. To learn more about Sasha’s incredible program, visit

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