The Radical New Book “How to Achieve Nothing” By Bestselling Author Liv Kissper: 1 Min Time Reversal Formula That Ends Stress

December 16 17:45 2022

Liv was a highly ambitious and driven perfectionist but when she was coached by high-performance coaches she failed miserably and lost everything. Liv Kissper has Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies, and was a full time self-development junkie and spiritual seeker for 20 years. She achieved some great results in her life including 3 million monthly views on her relaxation YouTube channel. Her epic failure was the catalyst to discovering what can only be discovered when we lose dear hopes and dreams in life. Everything changed for Liv after participating in an African ceremony using the strongest psychoactive medicine on Earth, as she saw through the illusion of time in the way she’d never expect. Time is just a story. A deceptive cover-up story about achieving a better experience in the future. In her radical mind boggling book How To Achieve Nothing, Liv Kissper introduces a 1 minute Time Reversal Formula that will reveal your next action to take in a stressful situation – and it is not what you’d expect. Once you know it, stress dissolves effortlessly.

Nowadays, Liv is an actress in an improvisational theatre in Costa Rica, and transpersonal guide and mentor. She works with creative and introspective entrepreneurs and seekers through challenging life transitions. She guides them to collapse the deceptive timeline protecting the false self image keeping them in a never-ending search, perfectionism, endless healing, self-doubt, striving, and effort. As a result they experience mental clarity, love and freedom they never thought possible.

By reading this mind boggling amazing book, “How to Achieve Nothing”, readers discover that it is never more time they really desire (What a relief!). You can now download the book from Amazon.

Book Summary:

 In the first chapter, Liv introduces the 3 stages of succeeding, and why our dream to find lasting success and undisturbance is illusory.

 The second chapter exposes the giant obstacle that’s in the way of jumping out of the stages and ending the time race and strategizing mania. There is always something interfering that we can’t put your finger on. It’s so fundamental that without recognizing it, you will always be a slave to the dominant lifeless digit on the screen. Without seeing the Truth about time, our purpose doesn’t matter. Without seeing the obstacle for yourself, it won’t matter how much you try, plan, study, strategize, and work on yourself. You will discover that achieving nothing is achieving everything, and it is effortless. There is nothing you have to do, nothing is required. We can only stop achieving by recognizing that all we want is already available now and it’s hiding in the ‘unexpected’. But we can’t see the unexpected because we live in a deceptive timeline.

 In the third chapter, you will discover for yourself that it is never more time you really want. You will be then guided into a deep inquiry into time itself to realize that you can never experience time in reality. And so we will look at time as what it really is – a story. A deceptive cover-up story about how to achieve a better not-now experience. You will also discover that now is not a moment in time, so you can stop beating yourself up for being in your head all the time. Our goals and visions about the future show us who we are now not who will we become.

 Chapter four introduces the Time Reversal Formula. It will show you how deceptive your personal timeline is, and that It is the hope for a better future that keeps you stuck in never-ending race, stress, impatience, comparing, and overthinking. We are going to look into the world of effort and why we can’t solve or achieve what we truly want when we mentally try, struggle or strategize. After that, we will explore how to come out of the head because we won’t need to be in there for this inquiry. Subsequently, we will get familiar with the 2 simple ingredients the formula is comprised of – expectations and hopes. Then we will simply reverse the hope with expectation about a stressful situation to discover our next action to take – and it is not what you’d expect.

 In the fifth chapter, we will venture to the very end of your personal timeline. Time implies death. We don’t know when we are going to die, so we have to imagine it. And in the mean time – between Now and the imaginary deadline, we feel pressured to find our true purpose and make some difference so our life is not wasted. But you will see how your idea of purpose goes hand in hand with managing this fundamental anxiety by protecting the false self-image living in the deceptive story.

 In chapter six, you will discover that finding or fulfilling your purpose can never make you happy or fulfilled or stop the achieving mania. You will see for yourself that It is the dream of having a purpose that keeps us in the time race: How our hopes provide or increase meaning in life and provide the opportunity for immunity from judgment (death transcendence) for those who conform to the values and standards. In reality, there is no duality. All duality, including good and bad arises as an appearance in the pirate timeline. You will look at what your true purpose is, and it is not what you think. Also, you will have the opportunity to ask yourself 21 questions to deepen this purpose to feel inspired effortlessly without doing mental gymnastics.

You can now download this bestselling book from Amazon.

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